In Fishing, It's The Fun, Not The Catch



This past week, and my fishing buddies and I, Rick and Theresa Meeker, and another couple from the Valley, Keith and Ann Jones, made an excursion to Woods Canyon Lake.

Only one of us, Ann, was lucky enough to snag a few trout. I did not realize that my fishing line was almost out, so I could not reach out far enough into the cooler water.


This little chipmunk at Woods Canyon Lake was busy chewing on barbecue potato chips that he pilfered from the bag while the Meekers, Joneses and myself were busy trying to land a few trout for dinner.

Ann is also very good with a digital camera and she snapped a few good pictures of the adorable chipmunks that live along the shoreline. They are so comical to watch. One of them tried to get into a bag of barbecue potato chips and all you could see and hear was the rapid rustling of the bag. I would imagine that these little creatures are fed pretty well by everyone who fishes on the shore.

Fish stories

Since we are on the subject of fishing, I spoke with John Diehl, the manager of the Tonto Fish Hatchery the other day. I asked him about the stocking of the creeks, I was wondering if they were stocking since the water temperature was pretty warm. John said that they were stocking the creeks, and they were checking the water temperature. If the temperature is too high they will not stock that area. The workers are putting the trout in the larger water holes, and you just may be lucky enough to snag a big one. There are a few in the larger holes.

John also said that they have put about a dozen very large trout from their feeder ponds into the Rim lakes: Woods Canyon, Willow Springs and Bear Canyon. I will be trying my hand at hooking one of those big ones.

There is also another choice for people who want to hook a good sized trout without the fuss. Along the Fish Hatchery Road is a place called Rancho Tonto. It is run by Randy and Brenda Slapnicka and for about $5 you can snag a really good sized trout without too much trouble from their fish pond. They will even clean the fish for you. There are grills and picnic tables where you can grill the fish and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Rancho Tonto has been featured on Channel 3 in Phoenix by Steve Boudinet a few times.

Check this place out, it is a great place for grandparents to take their grandchildren without the hassle of climbing around on the rocks.

Bear Flat

Katherine Baxter, who has been a longtime resident of the area will celebrate her 94th birthday on Friday, July 28. Katherine has been a pioneer in developing the Bear Flat area. Everyone who knows Katherine, wishes the best of birthdays to a grand lady.

Kim Dunmire, also of Bear Flat, will add another candle to her birthday cake on Saturday, July 29.

Tonto Village Fire District

I spoke with Fire Chief J.R. Alliger this morning, (Wednesday), and he wants everyone with the fire district to let him know when you will be burning slash (pine needles, cones, etc,). He will notify the lookout tower when any fire and smoke are coming from our district. There was an incident this past week of one of the residents burning and the smoke was reported from the tower to the Forest Service and equipment was called out. This was an unneeded expense for the Forest Service and for our taxpayer dollars. So do make that call to the fire station before you do any burning. The number is (928) 478-4875.

The progress on the "Rim Fire" is still ongoing, but there are no structures involved or in peril. The fire is in a wilderness area somewhere near the Dude Fire burn area. Chief Alliger and Chief Ray Larson from the Christopher-Kohl's Fire District were the respondents this past weekend at the landing zone for the helicopters and responsible for keeping the dip site filled. Thank you both for your diligence and hard work.

Ring found

In my walks around the village every day, I find some unusual things, and last week, I found a ring in the road. If you lost a ring, and can identify the one I found, it's yours. Call me at (928) 478-4575.

Pool results

Sunday afternoon found the Double D Saloon busy with the eight-ball pool tournament. Harvey Poyner finally shot for first place. He sure tries hard. Tim Reed, a frequent visitor to the village, shot for second place and Peter Speiss took third place.

Ethel Cain reports that there were not enough ladies for the nine-ball tournament this past Tuesday evening. Come on, get out to the Double D and have some fun and learn how to shoot nine-ball. There are any number of your neighbors who would be willing to teach you.

Call Ethel for more information. Her number is (928) 478-4332.

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