'Little Shelter That Could' Needs Your Help


You don't have to be at Payson Humane Society for very long to notice three things.

One: There are so many homeless animals.

Two: The dedicated staff has way too much to do.

Three: The building that currently serves as the shelter is too small and is falling apart.

Payson Humane Society has been in operation at this location since 1972. It is financed through town and county contracts, donations and fund-raisers such as the annual chili supper, the "good stuff only" yard sale, the dog banks around town and the aluminum can recycling program.

Currently there are 47 dogs and puppies, and 67 cats and kittens. The number of animals that come into the shelter each month is shocking -- about 150 to 200 animals per month.

Averaging about 70 adoptions a month, it's not hard to see the problem here. The staff and volunteers do everything they can to find loving, permanent homes for all adoptable animals. But, sadly, there are too many who don't make it and have to be euthanized. This is a cold, hard fact of life at the shelter.

But there is an answer to this sad issue. People need to have their animals spayed and neutered. And local breeders need to be aware of how many of their animals are ending up at the shelter.

Payson Humane Society has worked hard to provide low-cost spay and neuter clinics several times a year, with mediocre success at getting people to participate.

There are some things that we can do to help. The obvious is adopt a pet. Donations are always welcome. Donate your time, playing with dogs in the play yard, petting and grooming cats. This goes a long way in keeping the animals socialized and healthy while they wait for a home. There is always a lot of cleaning and laundry to do, as well as repair on the facility. From time to time, Janet needs help in the office. Donate gift certificates for food. There is a lack of good storage at the shelter, and this way, food can be purchased as needed so bugs and mice don't get into it.

They now have two acres on which to build a new facility. What they need to make it happen is money. It is expected to cost around $1.5 million to make this dream a reality.

If you would like to donate, make your check out to Payson Humane Society and write "Building Fund" on the memo line. Every little bit counts.

Payson Humane Society is "the little shelter that could." Please, won't you help?

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