Moratorium A Legitimate Proposal



Finally -- It's been several years since a legitimate proposal has been set forth (town councilor Su Connell's safe yield study), and the short-sightedness toward the people of Payson by the past mayor, council, and town staffers exposed.

Resolution 2098 is a blatant handout from past town leadership to what appears to be a developer who found themselves a town to take advantage of. Of course there would be lawsuits, these are developers, they are in control of Arizona and they have development attorneys.

And why is the term "Aspenizing" just now being applied? Payson has been "Aspenizing" for the past 5 to 10 years. Either you've already given up on your latest series on affordable housing, or you haven't been around here very long. As The Arizona Republic pointed out in a recent editorial on the growth stages of cities, it's the newcomers who decide the fate of place, and it appears to me that we're headed down the path to Californication, otherwise known as "lala land". Just check out the line at Starbucks at any given time during the day, that's a reflection of tomorrow's Payson. Oh boy.

Dan Rakosnik, Payson

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