What's Up?


Q: What's up with the fast-changing left turn traffic signal at Beeline and Highway 260? Three cars can barely make it through the intersection.

A: "I am not aware of anything," said Dave Leckliter, Arizona Department of Transportation signals supervisor for the Payson area. "Lightning is causing ADOT a lot of chaos right now. We are trying to keep up with it as best we can."

The biggest sign for a signal not timed properly is traffic back-up, which he said he has not seen, but he did send someone to check the signal's timing.

Q: What kind of salaries do Dick and Marilyn Wolfe get as president and treasurer of the Zane Grey Cabin Foundation or are they volunteers?

A: "We have not received one penny of compensation over the last three years, nor has any of board or advisory board," said Dick Wolfe. "We are all strictly volunteers."

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