Women, Couples Now Part Of Bass Circuit



Bass fishing trips to Roosevelt Lake have traditionally been kind of a "guy thing." That is, if one gets up in the early hours of the morning it is usually to meet your fishing partner and share a thermos of coffee on the way to the fishing hole. The conversation on the 40-mile trip to Cholla boat launch varies according to the season of sport from Diamondback baseball, to the Sun Devils, and of course strategy for catching fish.

Well, over the last decade more women have taken up bass fishing which means when the man of the house heads to the lake, quite a number of wives are right along with them. This growing phenomena has encouraged bass fishing circuits that cater to couples enjoying the competition of tournament fishing. The Arizona All-Star Couples season has just come to a close with over 65 different teams competing on the tournament trail for checks as well as other prizes.


Nancy Shelton and her husband, Andy, are part of the couples circuit in bass fishing competition.

Numerous couples from the Payson area have done quite well. It is not just husband and wife, but it can also be father and daughter, or boyfriend and girlfriend or just fishing partners. The bottom line is more women are enjoying bass fishing. The local teams who have qualified to fish in the All-Star Couples Championship include: Kay Wagner and Chi Chi Chavez, Heidi D'Arcangelo and Jake Randall, Nancy and Andy Shelton, Brenda and Richard Alvarez, Glenda McNeely and Bobby O'Donnell and Tammy Randall and Emery McKeen. The ultimate goal is not necessarily winning, but where the husband and wife are concerned, fishing competitively gives them more opportunities to be together in this very busy world. For example, Frank and Cindy Love, of Tonto Basin, are stalwarts in the Tuesday night fishing derby at Roosevelt Lake where they do quite well as fishing partners with numerous top finishes.

Fishing can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Guys, just a hint, if your wife is with you, help her catch fish and you will have a fishing partner for life. Take your wife fishing, if she wants to go, and enjoy God's creation.

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