Amazed By Writers' Lack Of Compassion



I am absolutely amazed by the lack of compassion and consideration of people. My family and I, more than most, realize that Highway 87 from Payson to Pine is a dangerous section of road. The "hideous graver markers" as someone called them in a Letter to the Editor should serve as the "Dangerous Road" signs that person feels are needed.

As I read both comments from Teddy Cohen and Jeanne Medley of Pine, I can only assume that neither has lost a loved one to a fatal accident. You feel that it is "presumptuous of the bereaved families to inflict these roadside memorials upon the rest of us." If my family had its way there would be no memorial, as my brother would still be with us today. No, there is no "glory" in how any one of the victims died. These memorials were not resurrected to glorify or celebrate a death. They are there to serve as a reminder to those who drive the roads to be careful as, you are right, it is a very dangerous road.

You are wrong to assume that these "traffic victims are buried in a cemetery somewhere." When my brother died, his estranged wife, of less than two years, cremated him and to this day has never told his family or friends where his remains were laid to rest. We would love to visit my brother's grave and place flowers. However, we find ourselves having to stand at the roadside memorial created in his memory to grieve our loss.

Prior to my brother's death I had always just driven by roadside memorials with little thought. Now, I pass each one and my heart feels for the families.

Regardless of how and why a person has died, you mustn't forget that they were loved by someone, and loved so much that they cannot be forgotten. That is one of the reasons memorials are created.

I understand that you have your right to your opinion, I just ask that next time you drive by a memorial site that you could have the same compassion and respect as you would in a cemetery or any other final resting place. As you drive highways across the United States, you will see roadside memorials. They stand as symbols of an untimely loss of a life and, more importantly, a remembrance of that life.

Michelle Picotte, Gilbert

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