Chaparral Residents Volunteer, Support Payson



The views of Karol Shaw of Star Valley have, finally, prompted me to respond. It is obvious Ms. Shaw needs additional enlightenment to supplement the Floyd brothers kind e-mail. Ms. Shaw's lack of participation in needed volunteer services is apparent. Otherwise, she would know of the hundreds of volunteer hours that are provided by the residents of Chaparral Pines at places like the Payson Public Library, Payson Humane Society, Museum and Rodeo, among others. Our residents are helping with almost all organizations in this town that need assistance -- even helping senior citizens file tax returns. This is all time donated because most of us are fortunate to be retired and Payson is receiving the benefit of our desire to support this community and help make it the best town in the west.

Shopping in Payson? Where does she think we shop for food and supplies? Would Wal-Mart and Home Depot be here if the town population could not support it?

Participation in town events? Fund-raisers? We are there.

Tonto concerts? We are there. Rodeos? We are there. As a matter of fact, if Ms. Shaw attended the recent Miss Rodeo-Arizona competition, she then enjoyed the hall that was decorated by most of the Chaparral Pine/Rim Country volunteers, including designing, painting and installing the backdrop and stage designs.

Ms. Shaw needs to get out of Star Valley occasionally. She may be amazingly surprised at the various opportunities to meet a "Chaparral Pine" resident and realize the "benefits" of his or her presence.

Incidentally, is there a hint of another "gated community?" But maybe this one has an invisible gate since Star Valley was incorporated, and still plans to use resources of Payson.

Betty Berryman, Payson (proud Chaparral Pine resident)

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