Citizen Input Sessions A Great Success Thanks To Many



Thanks to the Payson Roundup for your coverage of the Mayor's Task Forces brainstorming session at Frontier Elementary School July 18.

The grass roots participation was great. Over 160 people were active participants. Two documents summarize the inputs. One of them, titled "Defining Payson's Future: Citizen's Input Sessions" is a 38 page report. The second is devoted to the water issues. It is another 38 pages. Both reports are being digested by the task forces.

This event could not have taken place without the cooperation and support of a lot of concerned people. Frankly, I don't know all of them and I'm sure there were a lot of people stepping up to do something because it was needed. I know any list of volunteers I have is incomplete, but long enough that the Roundup's 400-word limit couldn't handle it. That's the wonderful spirit of Payson residents who care about this community.

Because of all their efforts -- and the on site participation of over 160 residents -- the next planning cycle for town activities, projects and budgets should be more closely aligned with needs perceived by the residents rather than token input limited to that shaped by town employees.

A special note of thanks is appropriate for Gail Gorry, principal at Frontier Elementary School, whose cooperation and enthusiasm infected her staff to help us with prompt, courteous and thorough services before, during and after both sessions.

I want to publicly thank Citizen's Generated Goals Task Force members Kathy Patrick-Baas, Gene Sampson and Jay Hopkins for their dedicated and committed planning and logistics support needed for brainstorming sessions to be recognized as the success they were.

Now, there will be a more continuing level of involvement by residents. People who were not able to attend can still participate by going to www.inpayson. com/Mayors_Task_Force_OnLine_Form_2006.htm to add their comments for consideration by the different task forces.

Lew Levenson, Chair, Citizen's Generated Goals Task Force, Payson

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