Employer Identifies With Place Of Work Force In Payson Economy



I read with great interest your editorial on Friday, July 21 about the Payson work force being the linchpin of our local economy.

I think our business has contributed to Payson's growth in this regard. On Jan. 1 of 2005 when we took over the management of Rim Country Health and Retirement Community (formerly Manzanita Manor), we had 64 employees with an annual payroll of approximately $1.7 million. We were charged with changing the fortunes of the campus and as I met with Town of Payson staff I told them that I felt as we accomplished this we would be adding jobs.

The good thing about the jobs we have been able to add is many of them pay over $40,000 per year.

We are like the employers that you interviewed in that we struggle with recruitment and retention. This is true in virtually every small town or city in Arizona, or the other five small communities I have run businesses in. I think one of the keys that has allowed Rim Country to add 31 employees to our payroll (we changed the name in January of 2005) is the good relationships with Gila Community College, Payson Regional Medical Center, SW Behavioral Health and RTA Hospice. All of us have cooperated together to help the patients in Payson get the care they deserve.

I am happy to report as of the writing of this letter that we now have 95 employees and an annual payroll of approximately $3.1 million, an increase of 82 percent. Due to the support and love shown us by the Town of Payson and Northern Arizona, our employees are contributing much more to the infrastructure of this area.

We hope to contribute even more to our community's success in the future. Thank you, Payson.

Harvey Pelovsky, Owner's Representative, Rim Country Health

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