Requesting Disclaimer From Geronimo Estates Board



As a homeowner at Geronimo Estates, to my knowledge there is no legally recognized, or authorized Geronimo Estates HOA. Although I have donated to help maintain the volunteer fire department equipment, I have never received an income/expense accounting report. I have never received "Notice to Elect Board Members" or "Notice of Homeowners Meeting." I feel it is very questionable, or at the least improper, for any "Board Member" to claim they represent me, a Geronimo Estates homeowner.

I commend all my good neighbors, and anyone who volunteers to help another, as long as the actions are genuine and non-self-serving gratuitous.

I would like the "minutes of the meetings," as well as accounting reports, printed in the paper concerning this circumstance, or printed notice of disclaimer that the Board does not represent Geronimo Estates homeowners.

Lloyd H. Garner, Jr., Geronimo Estates

Editor's note: The Geronimo Estates Property Owners Association is a 10-year-old, informal organization. Dues are voluntary. It meets only twice a year and works to improve the community. Minutes are mailed to all members. To provide a current mailing address, e-mail

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