Stories for June 2006


Friday, June 30

Free brush drop-off today

The Regional Payson Area Project...for a Fire Wise Rim Country (RPAP) will staff free brush drop-off points at the following location: Saturday, July 1: The Blattner Pit will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Blattner Pit is located at milepost 259.7 on Highway 260, east of Payson.

Wild West returns to Payson this Saturday and Sunday

The Mounted Shooters of America will once again turn the Payson Event Center into a scene out of the Old West. The Mounted Shooters of America will once again turn the Payson Event Center into a scene out of the Old West.

Thursday, June 29

June was busy month for firefighters


It is hard to believe that June is now history and I will be writing my next column in July.

Develop financial strategies for your 50s and 60s


When you first started out in your career, you may have focused on paying off student loans, buying a home, and hopefully, starting to save for retirement.

Little League begins road to state

Coach sees potential in veteran team with good attitudes

Last year's run to the Arizona State Little League tournament has convinced Ty Goodman he'd like to once again coach in the big show.

Holiday tournament has tradition of fierce rivalry

It'll be tough for the 2006 edition of the Payson Men's Independence Day Soccer Tournament to match the drama and excitement that unfolded last year.

Two athletes to compete in national Special Olympics

Arizona's contingent to the inaugural 2006 Special Olympics USA National Summer Games will include two Payson athletes and a coach.

Wild West returns to Payson

The Mounted Shooters of America will once again turn the Payson Event Center into a scene out of the Old West.

Tackle shops age-old stop for fish talk


It is really interesting and surprising how valuable fishing information can be to the recreational angler as well as the die-hard fisherman.

9-year-old scores big in Mercury challenge

For 9-year-old Payton Petersen, seeing herself televised on the Jumbotron screen at U.S. West Arena, the home of the Phoenix Mercury and Suns, was the thrill of a lifetime.

Illegal fireworks not worth the risk

As the celebration of our nation's independence grows near, along with it comes the use of illegal fireworks. One only needs to watch the local news, or pick up a newspaper to see the headlines about wildfires that are burning throughout our state.

A closer look into the face of Rim Country


When I first moved to Payson, I spent a lot of time quietly looking around. I knew that in a matter of months, I would have a hard time making it through the grocery store or the post office without running into people I knew.

Universal health care halted by myth, greed and cowardice

The four lies about universal health care:

Please return the sign you took

Did you or someone you know, on June 13, remove my sign from Highway 87 at Gibson Ranch Road? It is 22 by 28 inches on a metal stake and says "Round Valley Equus."

Church in the woods closes with forest

A spry woman who will be 90 in the fall, stops to pocket a stray piece of trash and move a rock off the trail as she walks up the hill to the outdoor, non-denominational chapel just down the road from Kohl's Ranch.

Look at the damage one campfire can cause

What is the matter with the higher ups? Why do they allow open season on these beautiful forests -- for someone to come up here, build an outdoor fire for a wiener roast and then leave it with just a spark left for the wind to catch?

May we live in exciting times


The big rush to put agreements, policies, committees and plans in place for the Town of Star Valley is over -- kind of. The Council has been working very hard to "get things done" by July 1, which is the date that we are truly on our own. Until that date we still relied on Gila County for many services, including law enforcement and road maintenance.

Sex education responsibility of parents

After reading the story on 1A, "How well do you know your teen?" the easy thing to do is point a finger at the Payson Unified School District for not providing a sex education program in the classroom.

Punish employers who hire illegal immigrants

It is beyond me why no one can come up with the answer to the immigration problem. After all, the politicians had no problem putting a time limit for seniors on the Medicare Part D.

Legislature could help solve rural water problems

The state of Arizona is presently in a drought condition, and has been for several years. However, it seems that the people in Phoenix have no clue of the situation.

Study shows abortion/breast cancer link

Mater Care International, an international group of obstetricians and gynecologists, was presented with evidence of the link between abortion and breast cancer at its international conference in Rome in October 2004 by Dr. Joel Brind's research group.

What's up?

Q: What happened June 12 at the Trailwood home subdivision that resulted in a car being upside down in a ditch?

Uproar settles after fire board accepts fuel reduction bid

The Pine Strawberry Fire Department Board passed a motion to accept a bid that will continue operation of a hazardous fuel reduction program.

Riley James Brunson

Riley James Brunson, 88, died June 26, 2006 after a short illness. He was born to James and Elsie Brunson April 27, 1918 in Tonto Basin. He was the third of seven children.

Army Band offers musical tribute to Independence Day

The 108th Army Band has roused their audience with military marches at their annual concert at the Pine Cultural Center for many years.

Scout camp celebrates 50 years

But history of original Camp Geronimo goes back as far as 1929

Camp Geronimo is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, but talk to those with a history in the Boy Scouts, and you will hear it called "The new Camp Geronimo."

Lawrence Hand

Lawrence (Larry) Hand, a resident at Carestone Assisted Living in Tempe for the past five years, died June 26, 2006 at the Hospice of the Valley in Scottsdale.

Roland R. Kruse

Roland R. Kruse, 89, of Payson, died June 26, 2006. He was born in Ohio and graduated from Miami of Ohio (history) and the University of Michigan (law). In addition to playing drums in the University of Michigan marching band, he played piano and drums in many bands.

Charles Francis Sorg

Charles Francis Sorg, 87, died June 25, 2006 in Payson. He was born Dec. 27, 1918 in Bellaire, Ohio.

Dog days of summer offer canine companions

The dog days of summer are here, and the Payson Humane Society has several canine companion candidates for you to choose from. Meet just a few of the wonderful dogs now available for adoption at the animal shelter located at 812 S. McLane Rd. For more information, call (928) 474-5590.

Elk crossing

Game and Fish monitor elk, deer in hopes of making a safer highway

Norris Dodd wrapped his arm around an elk's neck and pulled it to the ground. He held the animal still long enough to punch a numbered tag into its ear.

Star Valley meets July 1 deadline to put services in place

Star Valley took some important steps Tuesday night in meeting the July 1 deadline to have some services in place for its residents.

An informed answer to ‘how does your garden grow'

Want to know how to get rid of those worms that just appeared on your tomato plants? New to the area and not sure what plants will survive in this hot, dry climate?

How well do you know your teen?

A tow-headed, 14-year-old boy, no taller than 5 feet, sits on the steps of the bowling alley, smoking a cigarillo. He wears his baseball cap sideways. Baggy jeans and an oversized T-shirt hang from the boy's growing frame.

Utility cracks down on private water sales

Well owner waits for word from lawyers on legality of water sale

Lanny Floyd, owner of Star Valley-based CJ Excavating, makes no secret of his multi-million dollar land holdings in the gated-golf communities east of Payson. And when those neighborhoods -- The Rim Club and Chaparral Pines -- failed to receive allocations of lawn-watering effluent from the Northern Gila County Sanitation District earlier this month, and the fairways started to turn brown, Floyd stepped in.

It's only rock 'n' roll, but it's her life


Rock 'n' roll music is what Suzanne Michaels is all about.

A day spent reading the real Da Vinci code


By now you may have guessed that Leonardo Da Vinci is one of my favorite historical characters. One reason for that is that I have been blessed to see some of his originals. Seen firsthand, they have a power and beauty that just takes your breath away.

Fire Board meeting drew record crowd


The Pine Strawberry Fire Department Board held a special meeting Tuesday evening and 150 people came out of the woods to attend. This was unusual, because these meetings are usually attended by three or four people.

Women gather for fellowship, Bible study


Last week, 27 ladies enjoyed a day retreat of fun and fellowship at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church.

Leaders look at ways town can pay for itself

As the community of Star Valley enters into a new era, the town is looking at the funds it now has, as well as what it could have in the future.

County hires lobbyists for forest fund fight

Gila County's campaigns for federal funds for forest health and a bridge over Tonto Creek in Tonto Basin have been kicked up a notch.

Funding comes in for full day kindergarten

The days of all-day kindergarten lotteries and tuition payments are over for parents in the Payson Unified School District. The state budget, signed into law last week by Gov. Janet Napolitano, allocated $80 million for each of the next two years to expand all-day kindergarten around the state. It also allocates $100 million to give teachers raises and offset a mandatory increase in state retirement costs.

Five dogs pass therapy dog certification test


Six dogs were tested last Saturday for Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification and five of those underwent more rigorous testing to obtain the title of Therapy Dog International (TDI). All the dogs passed. I believe each one was a rescue dog.

Wednesday, June 28

Walkers bring word of living a healthy lifestyle

A dozen walkers and a dog are crossing the country to promote the benefits of walking with a pedometer. The walk began April 18 in New York City and will end in Los Angeles the week of July 17.

Tuesday, June 27

Keepers of the flame

They are ordinary men -- engineers, roofers, stockbrokers -- when they hear words like "porterhouse," "baby-backs" or "marinate" they become the grillmeisters.

County lowers property tax rate

Gila County's property tax rate is going down, but with assessed values continuing to climb, don't expect a drop in the tax bill.

Murder on the Tonto continued


At the inquest, a large group of men gathered in Holder's store and testimony was taken from all persons involved.

Celebrate a family-style Fourth


The big bangs begin around 9 p.m. on the Fourth of July when the music of Western Fusion has faded into the night.

Don't talk moonshine


"On a small island, near a large harbor, there once lived a fisherman's little daughter (named Samantha, but always called Sam), who had the reckless habit of lying," begins the book Sam, Bangs and Moonshine.

Big dreams in a tiny package


Seed balls provide an innovative way to distribute seeds in areas where traditional methods of sowing seeds would be too difficult or labor intensive.

Monday, June 26

Incarnation of a '60s freedom lifestyle

Walk into the smoke-filled Sidewinders bar in Pine on any given Sunday, and there among dusty, welder boots and black-leather vests covered with patches, among the military tattoos and light beer, you'll find Hollywood and Vine.

Norma Kay Packard

Norma Kay Packard, 66, of Tonto Basin, died June 22, 2006 in Payson. She was born Jan. 20, 1940 in Terry Town, N.Y.

Guns offer feeling of security to seniors

Jim Thomas refuses to be a "willing" victim of a random crime or attack at any age. Thomas is one of the many seniors who carry a concealed weapon, which, he said, gives him a little security and protection.

10 years and counting at Time Out Thrift Store

Stan Van Pelt and Ella Hatfield are not typical volunteers. Both have volunteered for more than a decade at the Time Out Shelter Thrift Store.

Star Valley saves money by using Payson police

Contracting police service from the Payson Police Department rather than from Gila County will save Star Valley about $30,000.

Dorothy M. Heller

Dorothy M. Heller of Gisela died June 19, 2006. She was born June 17, 1930 to Fred and Irma Hesseltine in Des Moines, Iowa.

Recreation Roundup

Rumsey Park will be this year's site for the ASA state championship co-ed tournament scheduled for July 29 and 30. Team registration deadline is July 1. The entry fee is $300 per team.

Thank you for making cheerleader car wash a success

The Payson High School Cheerleaders would like to thank Walgreens and its employees for sponsoring our car wash.

Little Leaguer takes second in state contest

Payson Little League all-star Westin Gibson finished second at the Arizona State Pepsi Pitch, Hit and Run Championships held June 11 at Chase Field in Phoenix. Competing in the 11-12-years age bracket, Gibson tallied 938 points to finish second to state champion Ethan Jacks of Lakeside who tallied 1,004 points.

Town won't cancel fireworks

Around 9 p.m. on the Fourth of July after the music from the free concert by Western Fusion has faded into the night, the sky above Green Valley Park will explode with the town's annual fireworks display.

Still unsure how state budget will affect teacher paychecks

Exactly what the new state budget's $100 million allocation for teacher pay and retirement will mean to local educator paychecks remains a mystery.

Contractors stop blaze from spreading

Rim Country residents had a close call with another wildfire Friday. Fortunately, a small fire on the golf course of the Rim Club that could have been a large blaze turned into nothing more than a hero's tale for that night's dinner conversation.

Love the flag by choice, not by law

Like most veterans, I have vivid memories of my years in military service. But perhaps more important than memories are the emotions they carry, and how they change you forever. Sometimes the quiet moments are the most powerful.

Council needs to create water rate structure that encourages conservation

Like many others, I read with glee the advance of Blue Ridge water.

Football coach receiving preferential treatment

The hiring of the new football coach at Payson High School is the latest blow to the ethics of the school system here in Payson. Julia Randall Elementary School is still in shock about what happened to their principal in April.

Art and craft bazaar brings talent to Payson

It is with warm and heartfelt thanks that I wish to thank the people of Payson, and the vendors and visitors to the Rim Country, for their great response in attending the Eighth Mountain High Days Art and Craft Bazaar, held in the local courthouse complex over the Memorial Day weekend.

Time to elect someone with common sense

Recently, Jim Pederson, United States Senatorial candidate, visited Payson. In his talk, and question-and-answer session, he said many things that made sense.

Candidate's immigration analogy absurd

Mr. Lee Munsil's (candidate for governor) comparison of illegal immigration to a flooded basement sounds more like political horse hockey than a firm stand on the problem that exists.

Civilians can provide safer helmets to soldiers

On June 14, I viewed a remarkable TV program on C-Span about how the American people can save millions of our dollars and protect our troops in Iraq at the same time.

Suspect arrested for drugs, weapons and involving a minor

The Payson Police Department Friday raided a home that had been under surveillance for some time.

Pro-growth planning and zoning ruining quality of life

What's next? When are we going to get a council that will quit voting to approve big developers rezoning requests that are detrimental to our long established mountain town characteristics of forestation and natural habitat?

Death toll in Iraq more than a number

I'd like to share a story that happened to me recently. During a most welcome visit from our kids and grandkids from the Midwest, my 39-year-old stepson and I had a discussion about the current war in Iraq.

What's up?

Q: I have a neighbor setting out feeders for javelina families in my neighborhood? Who do I report to, game and fish or animal control?

Star Valley council in race against July 1 deadline

With less than a week before a July 1 deadline, the Star Valley Town Council will meet at 6 p.m. tonight, Tuesday, to iron out the details of the town's incorporation.

Senior updates

A Healthy Woman program, "Sleep Disorders and Cardiovascular Disease," will be presented at 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 28, at the Senior Circle, 215 N. Beeline Highway. For more information or to register, call (928) 472-9290.

Fuel break funding dropped by fire board

The Pine-Strawberry Fire Board will hold a special meeting at 6 p.m. this evening, Tuesday, at the Pine fire station to reconsider a motion to award a bid to continue operation of a highly popular hazardous fuel reduction program in the tiny mountain hamlets.

Dealing with homeowners associations just got easier

Until recently, challenging one's homeowners association was an intimidating and expensive affair. No longer.

Plane crash victims had no connection to Rim Country

A small plane en route to Payson Regional Airport from an airfield in Queen Creek crashed June 18, killing all four aboard.

Caring for wildlife

Members of the Mogollon Sporting Association recently placed a "guzzler" watering station in the Whispering Pines area.

Safe babysitting

Ten young people, aged 11 to 13, spent all of last Friday in the Payson Fire Department's Safe Sitter class.

Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson, 54, died June 23, 2006 in Phoenix. He was born Aug. 27, 1951 in Cedar Creek.

Ira "Art" Hancock

Ira "Art" Hancock, 82, died June 25, 2006 at Hospice in Payson.

Miriam "Mim" Elizabeth Jensen

Miriam "Mim" Elizabeth Jensen, 78, of Mesa, died June 23, 2006 in Payson. She was born June 24, 1927 in Kettle Falls, Wash.

Kiwanis scholarship

Earlier this month, Payson High School seniors Kaycee Pugel and Sierra Sommars attended the Thursday morning meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Payson at Tiny's Restaurant.

Kathy Mae Haught

Kathy Mae Haught, 54, of Payson, died June 23, 2006.

Woodmen rep attends financial advisors forum

Tina Terry of Payson, a Modern Woodmen of America representative, has completed a five-day educational program at Modern Woodmen's home office in Rock Island, Ill.

Softball tournament brings economic windfall; organizers hope to return

The inaugural Triple Crown USA Sports girls fast pitch softball tournament, held June 23 to 25, was a huge boost to the Payson economy.

Tournament ends with battle for second

It took a scorecard play to settle the battle for second place following a Payson Men's Golf Association "four man, two best ball" formatted tournament contested June 21 at Payson Golf Course.

Little League All-Stars ready for unknown opponents

Not knowing who they will play and at what time hasn't slowed the practice progress of the 9- and 10-year-olds of the Payson Little League All-Star team.

Camp offers wrestling experience for younger Rim Country athletes

A rare opportunity awaits Rim Country young athletes interested in someday becoming a part of the storied Payson High School wrestling program.

One-time PHS wrestling coach returns

The coach who helped Payson become the small town wrestling capital of the United States is returning to the Payson High School wrestling program.

Wildfire near Ellison Creek snuffed

Quick response from Payson Ranger District fire crews doused a lightning-caused wildfire northeast of Ellison Creek near the Dude Fire burn area Monday afternoon.

Payson printer makes house calls

Rim Country Printery makes house calls these days.

Site feedback

In Site Feedback, we publish interesting or relevant comments submitted through our Web site, from readers across the country, or around the world.

Thursday, June 22

Thanks to those who made 2006 grad night party successful

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eileen Daniels and Chris Schwind for their hard work in making the Payson High School Grad Night 2006 a great success.

Relay for Life now part of Payson history

After an incredible amount of work by a large number of very dedicated people, the 2006 American Cancer Society's Payson Relay for Life event was a resounding success and it is now a part of Payson's history.

Vacation Bible Schools shouldn't use dog sledding theme

In regard to the story, "Vacation Bible Schools fill summer" published in the June 9 Payson Roundup, several programs used Arctic adventure as their theme.

Tyler Parkway needs better police patrols

Tyler Parkway has turned into a dangerous speedway.

Seniors need more information about Medicare Plan D

Mr. Jim Pederson came to town with some very informative information for the seniors of Payson.

Heat carries human threat

As temperatures steadily push the 100-degree mark in the Rim Country, it's a warning to residents that danger isn't just a matter of fire.

Pine area evacuation alarm fully restored

Lightning from spring storms disabled two of the Pine Strawberry Fire Department's five-unit alarm systems about four months ago

Clean-up, fire fuel reduction Sunday for Whispering Pines

On Sunday, June 25, Coconino County will sponsor a free community clean-up and fire fuel reduction day for residents of the Whispering Pines area and the unincorporated surrounding areas.

Free HIV tests offer same-day results

Free, confidential HIV testing will be offered from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 26 through June 30 in recognition of National HIV Testing Week.

Mayor's ethics task force still has 1 slot to fill

Mayor Bob Edwards has formed an ad hoc Ethics Committee chaired by Payson resident and technology consultant, Al Poskanzer.

Council OKs Star Valley police pact

Despite some pleas from residents, the Payson Town Council unanimously voted to provide law enforcement to the town of Star Valley for the 2006-2007 fiscal year.

Payson population twice that of county seat

Payson Town Manager Fred Carpenter isn't making a big deal out of new U.S. Census Bureau numbers that confirm a steady growth in Payson's population.

Fire season's message: Be prepared

Residents and businesses in the Payson area communities stepped up on their own to help the evacuees from the Rodeo-Chediski Fire in June 2002.

Fire danger closes Rim

Bright yellow barrier tape this morning blocked entrances to trails and backroads, including the Control Road, a clear signal that Tonto National Forest officials have closed the Mogollon Rim area and all forest lands five to seven miles beneath it.

Rim fire crews help with Brins

The Rim Country is doing its share to battle a fire that threatens to destroy some of the state's most pristine and scenic country.

Blood drive scheduled at community college

There will be a blood drive at the Payson campus of Gila Community College next week.

Star Valley now has visual piece of its identity

The Town of Star Valley now has an identity that enables one to recognize the town based on a few designs.

A respite for caregivers; a refuge for the aged

When loved ones need around-the-clock care, personal time for the caregiver can be a difficult thing to obtain.

New evidence that the sky isn't falling


I learned all about you last week, even though I was a thousand miles away in Seattle.

Leave fireworks to the professionals

With the forests closing and the trees around us sitting patiently like piles of dry tinder, people have been waiting to hear the inevitable news that the Fourth of July fireworks will be canceled.

Photo Gallery: Tanker fire June 21

View photos taken shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday morning, June 21, when a tanker truck containing a load of diesel fuel overturned on Highway 260 near Camp Tontozona igniting a fire that closed the road and burned half an acre.

Star Valley names planning and zoning commission, board of adjustments

The Star Valley town council continues to chip away at the mountain of things they must decide upon and put in place by a fast approaching July 1 deadline.

Kohl's tanker blaze contained

A Wednesday fire, in which smoke could be seen across the entire Rim Country, was a reminder of how fast a wildfire can begin.

Officer honored for 24 years with PPD

Detective Sgt. Tom Tieman of the Payson Police Department will be recognized as the officer of the quarter at 10 a.m. Tuesday, June 27 by the Gila County Attorney's Office in the supervisor's meeting room in Globe.

Find a place to volunteer

Southwest Behavioral Health Services' Rim Guidance Center is coordinating a Volunteer Fair from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, June 24 in the old gym building at Payson High School.

What's up?

Q: What, if anything, is being done about the algae in the lakes at Green Valley Park?

Free market will inevitably encourage alternative fuels

As gasoline prices hover around $3 per gallon, and our government and their media lackeys point at the nasty old oil companies (admittedly no saints), the following are worth noting:

Thank you for article on Lyme disease

Thank you for your work in putting out the article about Lyme disease and how it has affected Katherine and myself.

One national language would force immigrants to assimilate

It appears to me that the majority of U.S. residents of Mexican origin retain allegiance to Mexico and have no intention of becoming "Americans."

Remembering the season of 1986

I'm certain it was the fond memories of our former teammate that sent our minds back to 1986 almost as soon as we teed off in the Jack Morris Memorial Golf Tournament this weekend.

Creek memories of a longtime fisherman


If you have fished for any length of time, certain locations that are productive become some of your favorite spots. Having lived in Arizona for over 40 years, many Rim locations that have fishable trout water have been explored by this old fisherman.

Community sends volleyball team to Reno

Funding the travel of the Club Rim volleyball team to the Reno Volleyball Festival has been a town-wide effort.

Martial arts students 3rd in state competition

Brothers Danny and Tony Root battled their way to Arizona State Brazilian jiu-jitsu championships June 3, propelling Payson Pankration Martial Arts to a third-place youth division finish.

Reverse raffle set for elk banquet

The Payson Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has come up with its own version of the popular television game show "Deal, or No Deal."

Tonto Basin anglers bring in prize catch at Roosevelt bass tournament

The Tonto Basin angling team of Brian Daniels and Gary Senft is among those enjoying excellent fishing at Roosevelt Lake.

Unsettling times still offer opportunity for investors


Many Rim Country residents will probably remember 1973 as a difficult period for the United States.

Reader offers writer life lesson


A reader named Marty Peterson was curious about something I said in a column a few weeks ago.

Langhams celebrate 40 years together

Stan and Jeanie Langham celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday, June 25. They were married June 25, 1966 in Globe, where both were raised.

Window displays draw customers to nonprofit thrift store

Time Out Thrift store volunteers learned long ago that items sell better if they are displayed well.

Wildfire catastrophe averted through quick response


As I started writing my column, I received a phone call to inform me that a diesel truck had overturned on Highway 260 near Kohl's Ranch, causing a fire to break out near Camp Tontozona.

Sad but thankful the forests are closing


The forests are closing around us. The situation here is dire. It is difficult to go into a festive holiday like the Fourth of July with no campfires to sit around and marshmallows to melt.

I can see the smoke as I write this column


As I write this column on Wednesday morning, a tanker truck has flipped over on Highway 260 at milepost 269 near Kohl's Ranch, setting the forest on fire.

Geronimo water tank filled for fire season


As I drive to work each morning, I see rabbits, squirrels, birds, deer and elk along the road and think how we take our forest for granted.

Helpful hints to prepare your pets for evacuation


We have all heard almost enough about Hurricane Katrina. But a special on public television about the pet rescue, reminds us that there are many things we need to learn from this disaster.

Be strong. Be there. Be silent.

What to say when someone is mourning a loved one

Molly McCarty last saw her son, John, alive after he climbed into the couple's four-door silver Honda Accord for a visit to Mesa with her late husband, John Sr. and their two children.

Railee Charlene Johnson

Railee Charlene Johnson was born June 1, 2006 to Leroy Johnson and Casey Ledin at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Courtney/Kriesel engagement

Kathy and Gary Sceli of Payson are proud to announce the engagement of their daughter, Kimberly Rae Courtney, to Chance Kriesel, son of Nile and Martha Kriesel of Stillwater, Minn.

Hulme/Pettet wedding announced, open house Saturday

Jared and Valerie Hulme of Weiser, Idaho are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter, Ashley Jean, to Tyler Herbert Pettet, son of Ted H. and Esta Pettet, on July 1, 2006 in the Boise, Idaho Temple.

Fredric M. Stidham

Fredric M. Stidham, 57, of Payson, died June 20, 2006 in Payson. He was born July 16, 1948 in Muskogee, Okla.

Pine put on Stage 4 water conservation measures

Earlier this week, the Pine Water Company, owned by Brooke Utilities, required customers to institute severe conservation measures.

Tuesday, June 20

Learning to let go


It is important that we need to let go of insecurity, guilt, anxiety, perfection, fairness, and our illusions and defenses.

Murder on the Tonto


One of the most infamous murders along the course of Tonto Creek centered around the conflict between ranchers and itinerant sheepherders.

Book teaches how to eat fried worms


"How to Eat Fried Worms" is not an invitation for you to go to your back yard or up to Flowing Springs and dig for wriggly worms to pop in your mouth.

Have an adventure at local libraries

Adventures await Rim Country boys and girls at their libraries. "Claws and Paws," "Scales and Tales" and "Hanging Out at the Library" are the themes of this summer's free reading programs for children at area libraries.

Music resonates through the Rim Country


The town's Concerts Under the Stars may seem too brief to some people, and, as philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "Without music life would be a mistake." So each year, for 27 years, the Tonto Community Concert Association has brought a variety of world class artists to the Rim Country.

Tanker spill closes Highway 260, blaze visible as far as Pine

Fire crews from the U.S. Forest Service, Payson, Christopher-Kohl's and Diamond Star responded about 8 a.m. Wednesday morning to an overturned diesel fuel tanker on Highway 260 near Camp Tontozona.

Monday, June 19

New director redefines assisted living

When Payson Care Center's new executive director Mark Trangsrud started his career in the assisted living field in 1982, the facilities were still called "nursing homes."

Forest Drive closed beginning Tuesday

Forest Drive between McLane Road and Highway 87 will be closed from 5 a.m. Tuesday, June 20 until approximately 5 a.m. Thursday, June 22.

Small plane crashes en route to Payson, kills four

A small plane en route to Payson Regional Airport from a small airfield in Queen Creek crashed Sunday morning, killing all four aboard.

More restrictions, forest closures in place

Increased smoking and campfire restrictions and area closures on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest were initiated Saturday morning, June 17.

Learning to build a water wise garden

The thick yellow blossoms of moonshine yarrow and delicate pink blossoms of the whirling butterfly plants in the xeriscape garden at Gila Community College provide a treat for the eyes of humans, not for the mouths of javelinas.

Payson grad named MVP at All-Star game

The rest of the state now knows the name Luke Apfel, and if they know nothing else about him, they know he plays a great game of football.

Self-control not gun control

This is not an editorial about gun control. This is an editorial about self-control.

Public libraries central to healthy community


At the turn of the century, a visionary philanthropist addressed the need to educate Americans to ensure our country's place in the world and saw the potential of the public library to help achieve that goal.

Right to bear arms not same as right to use arms

This is in regard to the article published in the Payson Roundup on Tuesday, June 6, "The right to carry guns for self defense."

Attack not based on facts

Regarding the letter from Ms. Emrick in the Friday, June 9 edition of the Payson Roundup, she states she was unable to find an article of clothing in a local business. She asked a clerk why this was no longer available.

Many made spay/neuter clinic a success

The Payson Humane Society would like to say "thank you" to all the people who made the latest visit of the Arizona Humane Society's Mobile Spay and Neuter Clinic a success. The clinic and personnel were here on June 6 through 8 in the Bashas' parking lot. Thirty-nine animals were spayed or neutered during this three-day visit.

Roundup should choose letters carefully

Upon reading the Editor's Note in the MailCall section wherein you state "... it is our policy not to run letters that attack a private individual or business" and then find, immediately to the right of said statement, a vitriolic letter attacking an individual, I find myself more than a little puzzled.

What's up?

Q: Is the level of the lake at GVP declining? If so, why since it is filled with reclaimed waste water? --AND-- Q: Why is smoking allowed in the stands at kids' ball games at Rumsey Park?

Building permits down, construction valuation up

In May 2006, the town issued 19 building permits: 17 single-family homes, one manufactured home and one commercial.

AARP information center offers assistance to grandparents raising grandchildren

According to recent Census Bureau information, Arizona ranks fourth in the nation for the number of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, the majority of whom are below the age of 60.

Star Valley council to appoint board members, commissioners

The Star Valley Town Council will hold three separate meetings tonight, Tuesday, most of which will focus on forming committees and naming chairpersons who will steer the town through its next phase of incorporation. The council will hold a workshop at 5 p.m. before going into an executive session at 5:30 p.m. Its regular meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.

Chili cookoff winners

Andy and Sandy Jerdee bring their chili to Payson from Phoenix, and walk away with first place in the People's Choice Chili at the 35th annual Arizona State Chili Cookoff held Sunday at the Mazatzal Casino.

Payson library announces schedule for summer reading program

Register and pick up bags for this summer's reading program titled "Paws, Claws, Scales and Tales" at the Payson Public Library.

Roundup seeks editorial input from community

The Payson Roundup is starting an editorial board to be involved in the editorial writing process.

A taste of the Payson lifestyle

Fireside Espresso in the Swiss Village Shops has new owners -- Michael Weber and his mother, Linda Weber.

Father, son team up for win

The father and son golfing team of Mike and Tyson McKee might need bigger pockets to store their closest to the pin prize money.

German cowboys

On Sunday, nine men from Germany showed up in Payson to join the Tonto Rim Sportsmans' Club for the Cowboy Action Shooter's monthly competition at the Jim Jones Shooting Range south of Payson.

Two young players dominating links

A pair of Payson junior golfers, Tyler Apps and Dean Harpe, have received invitations to compete in the Southwest PGA Westfield Junior Championships.

Tonto Basin rider in College National Finals Rodeo

Seth Seidel of Tonto Basin has qualified to compete in the saddle bronc riding event at the 2006 College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR) in Casper, Wyo. This is the first trip to nationals for Seidel, a freshman at Cochise Community College.

Swimmers work toward triathlon

The 2006 edition of the Taylor Pool youth swim team debuted Saturday in an intrasquad scrimmage.

Memory of PHS player, coach raises money for local youth scholarships

Jack Morris Memorial Golf Tournament Director Gary Cordell summed up the purpose of the annual event by telling the full field of 116 entrants, "All the money earned goes to the kids."

Police briefs

Tuesday night, June 13, two juveniles were involved in a rollover accident on Highway 260 and the access road to Tonto Village.

Selah Elizabeth Grace Meadows

Selah Elizabeth Grace Meadows was born May 29, 2006 to Wendy and Travis Meadows of Gilbert at Banner Desert Hospital in Mesa.

Ayden Patrick Ormand

Ayden Patrick Ormand was born on May 25, 2005 to Rich and Karon Ormand.

John R. Rhinehart, Jr.

John R. Rhinehart, Jr., 79, died June 14, 2006.

Police updating communication equipment

The Payson Police Department is in the process of updating its equipment, and it will change how most of its calls are handled.

Rising temperatures dangerous for pets

Two dogs -- a yellow lab and a creamy white Chihuahua -- sat panting on the darkly upholstered seats of a black Chevrolet pickup truck, hanging their heads out half-open windows Tuesday morning.

Teenage shooter to face lesser charges

Victim changes story during second interview with police

Charges of attempted murder will not be filed against the now 19-year-old man who accidentally shot a fellow teenager in January of this year.

Supervisor takes funding fight to D.C.

Tommie Martin took her ongoing fight for forest health and safety to Washington, D.C. earlier this month.

Sentencing in trail shooting a month away

A retired school teacher convicted of second degree murder last week in Coconino County Superior Court will not know his sentence for at least 30 days.

Payson riders top 24-hour race for second year

What do Goin' Commando, That's It, South Side Walking Beat and the Payson Posse have in common?

Thank you for the support

Thank you to the members of the community, parents, teachers and students for their support and words of wisdom.

Instead of growing old ... the Senior Center

For the retired elderly, loneliness can be a daily struggle. Fortunately, in Payson, there's always a place to go, Monday through Friday -- the Payson Senior Center.

Do something new to commemorate the solstice


The summer solstice is upon us ... the day when the Northern Hemisphere gets the most direct sunlight and daytime hours are at a maximum. From now until the winter solstice in December, our days will gradually grow shorter.

Payson council to consider airport subdivision

For the first time since the Town's General Plan was adopted in 2002, the Payson Town Council Thursday will consider a resolution to make a major amendment to the general plan to accommodate a 51-acre airport neighborhood of exclusive hangar homes.

Thursday, June 15

Habitat for Humanity taking applications for next home

Payson Area Habitat for Humanity (PAHH) is taking applications for House 14.

The ancients did great things with muscle power


I ran across yet another program on television the other day which sought to cast doubt on whether the ancient Egyptians could really have built the pyramids. The speculation on strange and mysterious methods ran the gamut, with the usual dark hints of things magical, extra-terrestrial help, or forgotten knowledge.

Tourney fishing growing fast


On Saturday mornings, well before light, there is an ever-increasing number of Arizonans making the journey to various lakes throughout the state. Their destination may be Bartlett, Pleasant, Alamo and the ever-popular Roosevelt desert impoundments.

Golf stars getting younger in Payson

There could be a new core of fledgling golfers stepping up to replace the junior standouts, Brandon Kelley, Billy Bob Hoyt and Troy Marrs, that Payson fielded a decade ago.

This Little has big skills

Nancy Little strung together a month on the links she won't soon forget.

Mary Louise (Crabb) Bacon

Mary Louise (Crabb) Bacon, 79, died June 12, 2006.

Meth coalition issues a call for action

The newly formed Gila County Meth Coalition held a second organizational meeting May 31 at the Gila County Sheriff's Office Roosevelt Lake Substation.

Horses in Star Valley attacked by hybrid wolf

A Star Valley family is preparing to do whatever needs to be done to protect its livestock from a wolf dog, more commonly known as a hybrid wolf.

What's up?

Q: When the Forest Service grades Cracker Jack Mine Road, leaving the branches to the left and right of the road, aren't the branches a fire hazard? --AND-- Q: What has happened to the colored fountains at GVP? I haven't seen them on for several months.

New councilors learning to juggle on the job


The Payson election is over and I am both glad and sad.

Lady Horns get new basketball leader

Rory Huff has turned the Lady Longhorn coaching reins over to a man who last year led the Rim Country Middle School Maverick eighth-grade boys to the White Mountain League Championship.

Payson player teams with top in state

Luke Apfel is enjoying one of the finest all-star experiences ever taken in by a Payson High School football player.

Tune-up time for area athletes

Lady Longhorn volleyball coach Arnold Stonebrink is urging aspiring players to enroll in a youth camp to be held June 19 and 20 in Wilson dome.

Rim Country trapshooters earn honors

When Doug Stevenson, Larry Martin, John Steve Cline and Ed Stevens get together with their rifles, the pigeons better watch out. Clay pigeons that is.

Thank you for support during general election

Thank you, Payson voters, for your support in the general election.

College budget provides for more instructors

The budget for higher learning in Gila County is getting a big boost.

Brush fire on East Cherry Street likely caused by juveniles

Fire crews quickly controlled a small brush fire on East Cherry Street Thursday afternoon.

Border Collie rescue groups work hard


Most dog breed clubs have rescue organizations designed to find homes for dogs that come close to the breed standard and would otherwise end up in shelters and very possibly be euthanized.

Patrols still watching for Rim fires

Because fire knows no boundaries, emergency personnel have been siphoned out of the Payson Ranger District to help fight both the Potato Fire, burning near Heber, and the Woody Fire west of Flagstaff.

Candidate refuses donations

Payson resident Barry Standifird's experience as an attorney has given him the opportunity to view a wide range of courts.

Combined effort is needed to keep community safe


The Strawberry Festival, which was in Pine, is over once again. The committee is grateful for all the delightful vendors. Everything ran like clockwork, which would not have happened without our wonderful volunteers. A big thank-you to each of you. And to all of you who came and wandered around and ate and shopped, we thank you. The weather was perfect.

Travelers can keep homes safe

Sheriff John R. Armer would like to offer the citizens of Gila County the following information to assist with a safe and happy summer vacation.

Schmidts celebrate 50 years

Ernie and Sue Schmidt are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

Volunteers help lengthen long arm of the law

For the fifth consecutive year, the Payson Police Department is relying on volunteers to do some of the work that officers cannot do because of time restraints and and lack of manpower.

Knausses celebrate 55 years

Dalton and Elaine Knauss recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary at their home in Payson.

90-plus and still kicking up his heels


Ninety-four-year-old Dee Anderson owes his longevity to a steady diet of rib-eye steaks -- medium rare -- fried potatoes and Miller High Life, the champagne of beers.

Dog needs a long ride home

Every pet at the animal shelter has a story. If they could talk, our hearts would break to hear their sad tales of neglect, abuse and abandonment.

Parrotheads congregate under Rim


The 4th Annual "Parrots in the Pines" Celebration is next week. The big Parrothead event runs Friday, June 23, Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 25 at the Landmark. This is a Jimmy Buffet tribute to a lifestyle of sand, sun and smiles.

Sounds, smells of summer mean progress


There was all kinds of heavy equipment and Gila County Highway maintenance personnel in the village this past week.

Trailside shooter guilty

Jury rejects self-defense argument

After deliberating for nearly two full days, a jury convicted a retired Valley teacher of second-degree murder in connection with the May 11, 2004 shooting death of a homeless man at a remote county trailhead.

Ronald J. Paynter

Ronald J. Paynter, 45, of Payson and Paradise Valley, Ariz., died June 12, 2006.

Council votes to shear spending

Nonprofits face funding cuts

The Payson Town Council, at a special budget meeting Thursday evening, voted to trim nonprofit funding by 20 percent and slim the townwide nonpersonnel budget. Funds siphoned out of these areas will be reallocated to other projects or serve as reserves for related budget items.

Nightmare words: 'Mom, I have leukemia'

Before she started chemotherapy, 15-year-old Sheana Nelsen cut off her honey-blond hair and donated it to the nonprofit, Locks of Love, so another child with medical hair loss can have a full head of hair.

Meth comes to Payson from Mexico

Getting the community's help in fighting the war against methamphetamines was the focus of a Wednesday night forum at Gila Community College on the Payson campus.

Be more respectful

It amazes me the extent to which some readers become enraged at the expression of ideas by others. It is as if these readers are frightened that the expression of dissenting ideas will somehow weaken their own belief systems.

Slow down and save gas

Recently, I drove Highway 87 from the East Valley to Payson. I drove at the speed limit of 65 mph and noticed most cars were passing me.

Donations appreciated

The Payson Military Honor Guard wishes to thank the following for their donations of items, time, and money at our April 29, 2006 fund-raiser:

Where are Paysonites heading in such a hurry?

I take pride in my superior intellect, but there is a problem that even I cannot solve. The little village of Strawberry, in which I am a new resident, lies 16 miles to the north of Payson, and mostly uphill. Strawberry is a nice place. The pines are tall and the birds and squirrels seem happy.

Marriage amendment does not have merit

The U.S. Senate is currently considering a Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This approach is devoid of merit.

An exercise in community dialogue


If you've ever seen me, or any editor, in the hours before an editorial is due, you've witnessed pacing, pencil chewing and basic wild-eyed panic.

Celebrating marriage, faith and commitment

When I was in high school I fell in love with the most beautiful young woman and we were married at age 19.

Wednesday, June 14

A night in the life of the Payson Police

Public service, rather than crime, is the focus of a typical swing shift for Payson Police Officer Mike Varga.

Tuesday, June 13

Free concerts under starry skies


It's nearly summer in Payson and the nights are just right for some outdoor concerts.

Gisela was a countess


The Apaches had barely been settled on reservations and renegade war parties still made occasional raids when an itinerant Scotsman named David Gowan staked his homestead claim in a beautiful valley just south of the Hellsgate Wilderness along Tonto Creek.

Age-appropriate dolls help girls grow up slower


Fashion dolls seem to allow children to grow up faster than they really need to.

Monday, June 12

What's up clarification

In a What's Up question published June 9, the Payson Unified School District listed numbers of teachers who had resigned, retired or did not have their contracts renewed.

What's up?

Q: Are the trees along Payson Parkway bordering Rumsey Park being allowed to die?

Incorporation starts money shuffle for services

The incorporation of Star Valley will have a positive economic impact on Gila County, which has historically provided services such as law enforcement to the area while it was part of the county.

Government, business partner to keep Payson safe from fire

Area hikers exploring the many trails that border the town of Payson may soon notice piles of cut manzanita brush, juniper, pine and scrub oak trees.

Flag Day event Wednesday, June 14

The Payson Elks Lodge hosts its annual Flag Day program at the Green Valley Park Veterans Memorial at 9 a.m. Wednesday, June 14. Included in the program will be a presentation of the colors by the Payson Civil Air Patrol and local Boy Scouts. There will also be patriotic music, and Mayor Bob Edwards will offer remarks.

John Marvin Hines

John Marvin Hines, 96, of Payson, died June 8, 2006 in Payson. He was born Aug. 9, 1909 in Spokane, Wash.

Photo Gallery: Soap Box Derby Race 2006

On Saturday, June 10, 2006 the Payson Main Street Program, the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Payson Parks and Recreation Department and the Superior Soap Box Derby Club hosted the State Championship Soap Box Derby for the first time in Payson.

Soap Box Derby race winners announced

See a complete list of winners from the State Championship Soap Box Derby held Saturday, June 10, 2006 in Payson.

PHS athletes earn All-State honors

The on-the-field exploits of a trio of PHS athletes have earned them Class 3A All-State honorable mention recognition.

Strawberry Patchers 10th annual quilt show winners

The Strawberry Patchers 10th Annual Quilt Show brought in nearly 1,400 people viewing and judging the 90 entries, following are the winners:

Trail shooting verdict in jury hands

Did Harold Fish act in self defense when he shot and killed Grant Kuenzli at a remote trailhead near Pine May 11, 2004? Or did he overreact and commit second-degree murder?

Mother fatally shoots son

A former Payson woman with an extensive criminal background, including charges of aggravated assault on a minor, has admitted to fatally shooting her 19-year-old son.

Payson's water saga: 30 years deep

Some say the fount of Payson's water shortage began 12 years ago, when the Town sold its water rights to the Valley.

New councilors learn ropes at weekend workshop

The five new members of the Payson Town Council and four from the Star Valley council sat with 100 or so of their government peers from around the state during the Newly Elected Officials Program, sponsored by the League of Arizona Cities and Towns.

Candidate seeks return to criminal justice field

Most Rim Country residents who know Dan Hill, know him as co-owner of Legacy Home Furnishings.

Buy dad a book for Father's Day

Find a book for dad at the Library Friends of Payson bookstore, or just walk in and discover the great deals you've been missing on hardcovers and paperbacks.

Donors needed for Pine Strawberry blood drive Thursday

A blood drive is being held for Pine and Strawberry residents this week. Donors are needed for the June 15 campaign, which will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the First Baptist Church gym, 4039 N. Highway 87, in Pine.

Senior volunteers an example for rest of us

Spend time with any senior citizen and you quickly learn the difference between people who stay active -- physically and mentally -- and those who retired years ago and sat right down in front of the television.

Shouldn't woman err on the side of caution?

Yes, there are 10 studies which claim there is no link between abortion and breast cancer. But, there are 28 studies that do recognize a link.

Payson council to meet Wednesday

The Payson Town Council will convene for a special meeting at 7 a.m. Wednesday, June 14 to consider various aspects of town staff operations.

‘Affordable housing' should read ‘sufficient wages'

I do not see the mystery surrounding "affordable housing."

Many books detail history of Payson and pioneers

The recent article, "The Pioneers of Star Valley," was perplexing because of the statement, "No one kept track of the history for decades."

One answer to Jim Kane's question

I'm writing about Jim Kane's outstanding letter, "Why won't anyone ask this one question?" published on June 2 in the Payson Roundup.

Payson Area Habitat for Humanity thankful for volunteer help

Payson Area Habitat for Humanity thanks all the volunteers who helped clear our two-acre lot on Longhorn and McLane on a very hot weekend June 3 and 4.

Eleonor M. Burson

Eleonor M. Burson, 86, of Payson, died in Payson, June 9, 2006. She was born May 1, 1920 in San Francisco, Calif.

County's helicopter dip site project sees first use

For the past few months, Gila County officials, local fire departments, the United States Forest Service, and a number of other agencies have been meeting weekly, planning strategies and looking for ways to meet the anticipated challenges of this year's wildfire season.

Volunteering gives seniors new lease on life

Eleanor Malcho describes herself as the typical senior citizen who likes to volunteer her time to help others. And, despite the fact she has been named the Payson Senior Center volunteer of the month, she insists she is not doing anything special.

Senior updates

"Celebrating a heartfelt thank-you," the annual RSVP Volunteer Recognition event will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, June 22 at Rumsey Park in ramada 5.

A sign of support

As part of a continuing citizen effort to honor area veterans and active duty soldiers, the "Support Our Troops" sign in front of Payson Town Hall on North Beeline Highway was renovated last week.

Star Valley residents choose logo, seal for town

Star Valley has just taken another small step in putting its newly incorporated town on the map.

Max D. Powell

Max D. Powell died June 10, 2006 after a long battle with heart problems.

Janet Marie Redstrom

Janet Marie Redstrom, 59, of Young, died June 8, 2006 in Young. She was born July 24, 1946 in Flint, Mich.

Possible bond in discussion for November ballot

The Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District board of directors will discuss a bond issue at its June 15 meeting.

Two PHS players take places in all-star game Friday

A pair of Payson High School's most acclaimed football players, Luke Apfel and Cash Armstrong, turned out this morning, Tuesday, for practices that will lead up to the 2006 Arizona Football North vs. South 1A-3A All-Star game.

Three golfers turn to tie for first, playoff to finish

The battle for second flight low net honors in a Payson Men's Golf Association tournament turned into a dogfight among a trio of members.

Record numbers sign up for youth football

If player registration continues at the same hectic pace it has during the first two sign-ups, the Payson Youth Football League might be forced to add a team for the first time in a decade.

Arizona Game and Fish hosts photo contest for 2007 calendar

Do you enjoy photographing Arizona's big game mammals rumbling through their diverse habitats?

‘Glory Road' the way I remember it

Five days of vacation last week allowed me the opportunity to take in a movie I had been looking forward to since it was released.

Main Street shop features cars and collectibles

Gasoline Alley on Main Street offers one of the most eclectic collections among all the antique and collectible stores in the Rim Country.

In-house promotions given to casino staff

Mazatzal Casino is proud to announce a series of promotions at the executive level.

Print shop has new owners, new site

Printing by George, which has been a printing fixture in Payson for years, is now under new ownership. Tom and Micheale Franey and their family bought the business in December and opened it in a new location.

Thursday, June 8

A last goodbye to Tom Zeisberger

I lost a dear friend on May 19. He was known by so many people here in Payson as well as Pine/Strawberry. He loved living in Strawberry and enjoying everything life had to offer. He was a faithful reader of the Payson Roundup. His mastery of stonework is all around us.

Students learn more than woodworking from Alvarez

The Optimist Club has been doing a makeover of two rooms in Child Protective Services (CPS) offices. As a part of this project we needed furniture, including two bookshelves, three benches that also serve as toy chests and two television stands. After asking some very busy construction people, a high school parent suggested the woodworking class teacher.

Star Valley feels way through first budget

It is budget time in Star Valley, and just like every other town and city in Arizona we are required to have our tentative budget adopted by July 17. However, because this is the first actual budget based on real numbers, this year's budget process in Star Valley is a little different than those in other towns.

People of a certain mindset weakening, dividing this country

This letter is written is response to a letter by Mark Reza, the self-appointed hotshot who's always blowing his own horn, the know-it-all of know-it-alls.

Is one group affecting the town's retail options?

The other day, I was in a local business shopping for a gift. I wanted to buy a set of shorty summer pajamas for my 22-year-old granddaughter. I kept on looking around for something for a young woman -- something pretty and a happy color, but all I could find were matronly looking things made of heavy cotton with drab colors.

No charges yet in antique dealer scuffle

Criminal charges have not been filed against a man who backed his car over a competitor in February. Nicholas Brotcke, owner of Pioneer Village Trading Post, struck Breezee's antique shop proprietor Christopher Lander after a verbal argument broke out over the merchandise in Lander's parking lot.

Charges against senior driver pending blood test results

The Gila County Attorney's office is waiting for blood results before deciding whether to prosecute an 84-year-old woman on charges relating to a March 2 vehicle vs. motorcycle accident.

Heber fire, smoke will not reach Payson

The Potato Fire in Heber, which was caused by dry lightning at 1: 30 p.m. Tuesday, will not affect the Payson area.

Voter identification cards in the mail next week

The new voter identification cards, required to participate in the elections this fall, will be mailed Monday or Tuesday, according to Gila County Recorder Linda Haught Ortega.

Vivian Mignon Kiser (1911-2006)

Vivian Mignon "Peggy" Dismore Johnson Kiser, 95, died Tuesday, June 6, 2006 in Mesa.

Mary E. Turay (1934-2006)

Mary Ellen Turay, 71, of Payson, died June 4, 2006 in Phoenix. She was born Sept. 3, 1934 in Oil City, Penn.

Christopher A. Calhoun (1963-2006)

Christopher Alan Calhoun died June 4, 2006. He was born July 11, 1963 in Mesa.

Star Valley created by volunteers

Ray Lyons is the epitome of the volunteerism that is going on in the Town of Star Valley. The new town only has two paid employees -- the town clerk and town manager. The seven Town Council members work for free as well.

County names 7 to planning and zoning commission

On Tuesday, the Gila County Board of Supervisors appointed seven people to the planning and zoning commission. The new appointees will complete the terms vacated in a recent mass resignation.

Heading toward a Tunnel to Nowhere

A bright, warm morning in early August 1883, found a crew of railroad construction workers, along with some local Indians, working their way down the narrow, steep Captain Devlin Road, carved out of the face of the Mogollon Rim.

Perfect Father's Day gifts for fishermen

Father's Day is just around the corner. Have you considered what to get for Dad that he doesn't already have or would really like? If he is a fisherman, there are a number of unique gifts that range from a few dollars to the more pricey items.

This year, monsoon season can't come soon enough

Tonto Village was awakened with the welcome sound of rain falling Wednesday morning. Chuck and Linda Stailey measured the amount, and the gauge surprisingly came up to a quarter inch of precipitation. The Suttons from Bear Flat reported .10 inch of rain on Wednesday morning and .05 on Tuesday evening.

Still time to register for Payson Stampede

There is still time for contestants to register to participate in the Payson Stampede 24 Hour Mountain Bike Challenge.

Latin, jazz rhythms heat up Payson Sunday afternoon

Phoenix jazz virtuoso and Latin-beat maven Beth Lederman brings her quartet of player to the Rim Country for an afternoon of soothing tunes. The concert will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, June 11 at the Community Presbyterian Church, 800 W. Main St.

Christopher Creek melodrama ready for stage

Practice, practice and more practice, that's just what we have been doing since January, and I am still not sure I got it right, but I sure am having fun. The Christopher Creek Melodrama is getting close. The first performance will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, June 29.

Racer incorporates riding into every part of his life

The Payson Posse took home the championship honors in the 2005 inaugural Payson Stampede 24 Hour Mountain Bike Challenge. The four Rim Country men on the team -- Wayne Gorry, Eric Kush, Nick Payne and Ken Shepherd -- will return to the 10-mile course to defend their title June 17 and 18.

Deadline for big game licenses June 13

The Arizona Game and Fish Department reminds hunters that the deadline for submitting applications for Arizona's 2006 fall big game hunt draw is 6 p.m., Tuesday, June 13.

Four Rumsey fields will be surfaced in artificial turf this month

Area athletes have something to look forward to by summer's end -- four Rumsey Park playing fields will be covered, where appropriate, in all-weather, artificial turf.

Adult Coed Sand Volleyball League begins

The Payson Parks and Recreation Department's Adult Coed Sand Volleyball League begins at 6:15 p.m. Monday, June 12. Five teams have signed to participate and rumor has it, according to Parks and Rec Director Bill Schwind, there might be some Olympic caliber play.

Bird die-offs not related to bird flu

Every year at about this time in Arizona, the Arizona Game and Fish Department receives calls about bird die-offs in various areas of the state, mostly at urban ponds and lakes. This is a common occurrence and has absolutely nothing to do with bird flu.

Recreation Roundup 6-09-06

ASA State Coed Softball Tournament Rumsey Park will be this year's site for the state championship tournament scheduled for July 29 and 30. Team registration deadline is July 1. The entry fee is $300 per team.

History lost when people keep stories to themselves

As the new Town Clerk of Star Valley and a descendant of a pioneer family, I recently did an interview with the new reporter for the Roundup, Mike Maresh.

Peace takes courage

As many readers of the Payson Roundup's Letters to the Editor page know, I've been a strong proponent for peace. I've written many letters to the editor and to my congressmen.

Thank you for Lyme disease article

I would like to thank Carol La Valley and the Payson Roundup for the article on Lyme disease. I, too, was diagnosed with fibromalgia/CFS by a primary doctor at first.

Government 101: An overview of who runs Payson and how it got that way

With a new council and mayor in place, it is the perfect time for Payson residents to educate themselves about the structure of the town's government. To many, the workings of town government seem like a wasteland of bureaucracy, procedure and formality as dry as the Arizona desert.

Your editor, four months later

Years ago, a friend of my father's threw out the idea that there were things no one could understand about life unless they had been a bartender.

Taylor pool open

Courtney Ferkol, top left, Danielle Dixon, Rachel Ward, Michael Cronin, Joey Conlin and Daniel McGee are a few of the 14 certified lifeguards working at Taylor Pool this summer.

Learning through experience can sometimes be rough

Here's my favorite Chinese proverb: Experience is a comb which nature gives us after we are bald. Leave it to the Chinese. There's a proverb, which in addition to being funny, carries the unmistakable ring of truth.

Vacation Bible Schools fill summer

Rim Country children can head to Alaska, explore the Arctic with sled dogs, find the power of Biblical heroes and hunt for treasure at a variety of Vacation Bible Schools hosted by area churches this summer.

Pine Library team joined Relay for Life fund-raiser

The Pine Library Bookworms, under the efficient captainship of Becky Waer, exhibited lots of community spirit and pride throughout the night at the Relay for Life, a fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society. Over 500 people were on the 22 teams and over $45,000 was raised, well ahead of the $28,000 total last year.

Every dog has potential to be a champion

Tizzy Burlison just returned from a major agility competition in California where she earned the highest level of achievement in the United States Dog Agility Association, Agility Dog Champion, ADCH.

Build retirement savings, but don't forget income

Are you between the ages of 55 and 64? If so, you belong to a peer group that is apparently quite concerned about saving for retirement -- but not at all sure how to convert those savings into a steady income stream.

Star Valley council studies town's law enforcement contract

In a work session Tuesday, the Star Valley Town Council informally selected a committee to look at an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) the town plans to form with the Gila County Sheriff's Office.

GOOD GUY: Tire comes off, help rolls in

Nanette Bourgeois nominates Jason Adler and two Swedish good Samaritans from Utah for the Good Guy award.

Incumbent knows justice court from bottom up

Dorothy Little was the mother of a one-year-old and just wanted to get out of the house when she responded to an ad for a part-time clerk in the Payson Regional Gila County Justice Court 19 years ago.

Happily bypassed: Two years later

Two years after Highway 260 was moved to bypass Christopher Creek, residents are still enjoying the new-found peace and quiet. "I was worried about it, but in retrospect it has been the best thing for the community," said Debbie Aschbrenner, the owner of Tall Pines market in the small community. "I am very happy with it."

Council votes down controversial subdivision

The Payson Town Council Thursday evening voted down the second-reading rezoning request for the subdivision that sparked the creation of a new town and defined an election.

Fish loses self-defense appellate decision

State appellate court judges declined to rule Thursday on whether a new law that makes it easier for people to claim self defense can be used in the murder trial of Harold Fish.

Sixth-grade Tonto Basin students visit Canada

Seven pupils from Tonto Basin school wrapped up the year with a trip to Canada. They flew over 1200 miles away to meet 64 of the other students they had been communicating with throughout the past school year as part of the Connections program.

Annual Strawberry Festival from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Don't miss this year's Strawberry Festival from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, June 10 and 11 at the Pine Community Center, 15 miles north of Payson on Highway 87.

Rain storm reminder to prepare for monsoon

Wednesday night's storm dropped a half-inch of rain. It was a refreshing break from the weeks of dry weather, but it was also a reminder to Rim Country residents that the monsoon season is right around the corner.

Site Feedback: Memorial Day presentations

A very big "thank you" to Bill Sahno for his leadership in the Memorial Day presentations at Green Valley Park Memorial, Pioneer Cemetery, Mountain View Cemetery and the Flag Ceremony at Mazatzal Casino from Veterans Helping Veterans at Ponderosa Manor.

What's Up: How many teachers are leaving Payson High School?

How many teachers have retired from PUSD after the 2005-2006 school year? How many resigned? How many contracts are not being renewed? How many teacher positions is PUSD trying to fill for the 2006-2007 school year?

Tuesday, June 6

Star Valley council studies town's law enforcement contract

In a work session Tuesday, the Star Valley Town Council informally selected a committee to look at an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) the town plans to form with the Gila County Sheriff's Office. Members of the council selected for the committee are Mayor Chuck Heron and council members Art Lloyd and Bill Rappaport.

Hellsgate and Leo the MGM lion


During the first 7 miles of its snake-like course, the Tonto Creek cuts its way from the Mogollon Rim south through sedimentary rocks, surrounded by dense forests and shallow canyons. Then it suddenly enters an extremely rugged area known as the Hellsgate Wilderness.

Do-si-do at 26th annual square dance festival


Ladies' colorful skirts will be flarin' as their partners twirl them around the dance floor Friday and Saturday night.

Monday, June 5

Payson's idea of affordable housing

Since my arrival to Payson in 1995, it has always been apparent to me that Payson's idea of affordable housing is living in a trailer on wheels.

Most improved student: PHS

Brandon Chovanec was selected as the Most Improved Student of the Year at Payson High School by the Zane Grey Kiwanis Club.

Most improved student: RCMS

Josh Bane was selected as the Most Improved Student in seventh grade for the month of April by the Zane Grey Kiwanis Club.

Relay for Life

The Relay for Life fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society filled the Payson High School track Friday night from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Twenty-two teams participated, with a total of 512 team members.

Runner takes 10th in prestigious meet

Recent Payson High School graduate David Cluff finished in 10th place Saturday at the 31st annual Great Southwest Track and Field Classic in Albuquerque, N.M.

Arizona's Free Fishing Day set for June 10

Get your fishing gear ready and get set to have some outdoor fun at your favorite lake, river or stream. Arizona's Free Fishing Day is Saturday, June 10.

Hardt named Coach of the Year

Coach Chuck Hardt walks with legs chiseled from years of sports, onto the red oval of Payson High School's track where his wife, Shirley, waits for him.

Soap Box Derby race at Green Valley Saturday

Rim Country residents with a need for speed need only go as far as Green Valley Park. Soap box derby cars can go as fast as 35 mph.

Payson Posse team to beat in Stampede

Cyclists will be raising the dust in the Rim Country later this month when the Payson Stampede 24-Hour Mountain Bike Challenge returns June 17 and 18.

William King Peck, M.D.

William King Peck, M.D. died June 1, 2006.

Paul Le Strange Haesloop

Paul Le Strange Haesloop, 82, of Payson and Phoenix, died June 4, 2006. He was born Feb. 25, 1924 to Mary Gertrude and Christian Frederick Haesloop in Oakland, Calif.

Underage drinkers account for 17 percent of total nationwide

Underage drinking contributes an estimated $23 billion yearly to the alcohol industry, more than 17 percent of the total consumer expenditures for alcohol, according to an article in the May issue of the "Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine," a themed issue on children and the media.

Sisters graduate

Don and Juline Curtis of Payson announce the college graduations of their daughters, Adrianna and Brittany.

Local police academy brings in 20 recruits

The Payson Police Department may have found 20 recruits to help fill its ranks.

Annual Rotary fund-raiser dances to '60s theme

Turn on, tune in and drop out Saturday evening during the Payson Rotary Club's third annual Tips for Rotarians fund-raiser.

Dashney/Campbell wedding

Kurt Dashney and Cindy Campbell celebrated their wedding with their children, Tessa, Samantha, Heather, Christina, Jason, Ryan and Isaiah.

Family, friends gather for woman's 100th birthday

Derenna Fortner means the world to her family, and her relatives responded Saturday afternoon by celebrating her 100th birthday, albeit a month sooner than the actual date. Fortner's birthday is July 9.

Payson a great place to live


Sights and sounds of Payson ... Morning and evening, folks walking happy dogs, beautiful roses all around town (and how lovely the aroma), three kids walking along McLane with fishing poles over their shoulders, hummingbirds busy at the feeders, the gorgeous and mouth-watering salad section of Bashas' deli, sun and shadows across the Rim and the Mazatzals, the kind lady with a delightful English accent who calmed my distress at the chaos of Wal-Mart's remodeling and helped me find what I was looking for.

Budget, graffiti ordinance top Payson council agendas

Two Payson Town Council meetings this week bring the new panel up to date on pending projects, giving town staff the opportunity to gauge the direction of the recently elected leaders.

Tax code focus of Star Valley council meeting

The Star Valley Town Council will hold a work study session as well as a regular meeting tonight.

Law enforcement large piece of Star Valley budget

The Town of Star Valley is looking into contracting for police service through the Gila County Sheriff's Office through an intergovernmental agreement for the upcoming fiscal year. The contract represents the largest piece of the new town's 2006-2007 proposed budget.

What's up?

Q: Does the town have any regulations on rent control? --AND-- Q: Where do area 911 calls made on cell phones go? If outside Payson, how long does it take an agency to respond?

Two birds with one stone: Immigration and gas prices

My mailbox is being flooded with mail concerning gas prices and illegal immigrants -- to boycott oil companies or not, to provide amnesty to illegal immigrants or not.

Hiking trails littered with human waste

Over Memorial Day weekend, I took a hike with my dog up to the waterfalls past the first crossing on Houston Mesa Road.

Thank you to all who helped with Payson Packers reunion party

This is in regard to the 25th reunion party we had on March 26 for the Payson Packers.

Thank you for making water sale a success

Cub Scout Pack 354 would like to thank the Payson community for its continuing support.

Collaboration helped preserve water for livestock

On behalf of the H-4 Ranch Allotment located just below Jakes Corner, we would like to thank the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Tonto Equip Program, Arizona Department of Agriculture Grant Program (LCCGP), United States Forest Service (USF) Tonto Basin District, Arizona Game & Fish Department (AZGFD), and Mogollon Sports Association (MSA).

Time to speak your mind about tax increases

Did anyone notice the large "Notice of Tax Increase" for the Gila Community College District in the May 23 edition of the Payson Roundup?

What is the editor really suggesting?

Your view states that the tradition of allowing the old council to meet one more time should be followed rather than the town code.

Questioning the logic of the editor

So let me be clear about the Tuesday editorial in the Roundup on moving up the date to swear in the new council and mayor.

Mike Vogel kicks off his council term

Well, the first council meetings are over. Did all go well? No, most of us didn't know how to turn on the microphones.

Time to make changes in the Arizona Legislature

Let's not be too harsh on our poor, pathetic and myopic Arizona legislators. Sure, they can't, or won't, adequately fund public education (we're ranked 49th in per pupil spending by the U.S. Census Bureau).

Homeowners have responsibility to area wildlife

In Friday's edition of the Payson Roundup, we ran a photo of a male black bear who was caught rummaging through garbage and generally causing mayhem in the Tonto Creek Estates. The bear was sedated, removed from the area and euthanized.

Author discusses right to carry guns for self-defense

Author Charl Van Wyk will be in Payson Wednesday to talk about his experiences standing up to terrorists on July 25, 1993 in South Africa.

No explosives found after bank bomb threat

Chase Manhattan Bank on Beeline Highway was evacuated Tuesday morning after a bomb threat was made to the business.

Fire near highway quickly controlled

A small fire broke out about half a mile south of Payson on Highway 87 Friday morning. The blaze was discovered quickly and took only five minutes to control. The Payson Police Department closed the right lane of the highway heading into town for about 60 minutes.

Mayor forms task forces for water, housing

Two weeks after taking his seat as Payson's new mayor, Bob Edwards begins to look at town staff from the inside out with a series of task forces.

PAHH plans 7 duplex units

Dozens of Payson Area Habitat for Humanity volunteers gathered at a lot on the corner of W. Longhorn Road and North McLane Saturday morning to kick off a new effort.

Immigration dominates candidate visit

Small crowd allowed much discussion

Concerns over immigration policy dominated a public forum presented by Republican gubernatorial candidate Len Munsil who was in Payson Saturday. Munsil was invited to speak to a gathering of about 20 people at Paul Rasmussen's Antique Car Garage in the Payson Air Park.

Near death encounters with camping

I will be the first to admit I am not the outdoorsy type.

Eliminating middleman allows broker to provide better loans, faster

Loan simplification is the aim of Mission Hills Mortgage Bankers consultant Bret daCosta.

Volunteers, funds needed for Katrina ferals in shelter near Payson

Feral dogs, severely neglected and abandoned on the streets of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, are now receiving loving care, stability and training, to replace their recent experience of hunger, mistreatment and abandonment.

College offering SEI training to teachers

Gila Community College is partnering with the Gila County Superintendent of Schools to bring Structured English Immersion (SEI) training opportunities to all local educators this summer.

Elks scholarship

Recent Payson High School graduate Beryl Jones, pictured with Committee Chairman Charles Bruess, received a four-year scholarship, amounting to $4,000, from the Payson Elks Lodge #2154 through the Elks National Foundation.

Remembering the mother who started a tradition

Both of my parents have passed on now and are buried just south of Payson. While driving from my home in Cottonwood to put spring flowers on their grave, it came to mind of how I was told that my mother was responsible for starting the Pine/ Strawberry Arts & Crafts Festival.

Thursday, June 1

Thank you for support during mayor race, time in office

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who helped with my campaign for mayor and congratulate those candidates who won.

Immigration issue really an issue of greed

The idea, propagated by certain narrow and disreputable economic interests (and unfortunately believed by far, far too many credulous Americans), that there is a genuine need in our economy for low-wage illegal immigrants or for low-wage "guest workers" is a total and deliberately fabricated gross fantasy without any underlying foundation at all. It is the child of unrestrained greed, just as slavery once was, just as many of today's social problems are.

Safe yield should be determined before subdivisions allowed

The argument has been touted that water from the Star Valley pipeline to Payson would be used until the safe yield is exceeded.

New coach deserves our support

We would like to welcome Josh Anderson, Payson High School's new football coach, and encourage the community to support him during his tenure.

Principal recalls his own days as a student at PHS

The pangs of wistfulness and nostalgia that stirred in Roy Sandoval during the Payson High School graduation were reminders of bygone years.

Tax revision eases burden for renters

Some low-income renters could reap the rewards of a sales-tax exemption passed at the May 24 Payson Town Council meeting.

New councilors consider residential growth

Five new members of the Payson Town Council, including councilor Andy Romance who was appointed in May, attended a work study session Thursday, June 1, to become acquainted with seven housing projects they will vote on in coming months.

Affordable housing: Now what?

Addressing Payson's work force housing shortage will require a communitywide effort -- the leadership of the town council, the participation of employers, the involvement of churches and nonprofits. It will also take a change in public attitude.

100 dancers, one year of work comes together Saturday night

On Saturday night, more than 100 young people will disobey gravity in a performance that will blend movement, sound, beauty, grace and energy. Once a year, students from the Payson dance school, Dancin' on the Rim, take the stage for their annual public recital. This year's production, titled "5-6-7-8-Dance," will showcase performers ages 3 to 18.

Taylor Pool opens, ushering in summer

A trio of lifeguards who learned to swim, earned their lifesaving credentials and were members of the swim team at Taylor Pool will manage the popular summer respite this season.

PELL grants available for college students

The U.S. Department of Education recently announced additional funds for PELL-eligible college students in their first- and second-year of study who took a rigorous course of study in high school.

Things don't always work out the way you plan them


Every once in a while I find someone getting angry because something didn't work out as planned. Sometimes, of course, that someone is me.

Host families needed for exchange students

Payson families hosted four foreign exchange students and sent one away for the 2005-2006 school year.

Low-cost spay/neuter program coming to Payson June 6, 7 and 8

Low-cost spay/neuter surgeries will be offered again in Payson by the Arizona Humane Society's mobile clinic.

Peifer 50th anniversary

Archie K. and Nancy Corliss Peifer recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary at the Glendale Eagles.

PHS grad, Roundup writers take home Arizona Press Women awards

Payson High School graduate Betsy Rice, now of Casa Grande Valley Newspapers, was the Sweepstakes winner in the recent Arizona Press Women's annual writing contest.

Terry Goddard to open Payson satellite office

Attorney General Terry Goddard will open the newest satellite office in Payson at the Payson Regional Health Outreach Facility, 215 N. Beeline Highway.

Suns fans conditioned to doubt

Every time we Suns fans at the Payson Roundup count the team out, Phoenix rebounds with another impressive victory.

One man's tale of conversion to stream fishing


Stream fishing in Arizona is a very limited affair, but living in Payson allows us to reach many quality trout waters within an hour's driving time.

Payson runner to compete in prestigious invitational

Recent Payson High School graduate David Cluff has received an invitation to compete in the prestigious 31st Annual Great Southwest Track and Field Classic.

Payson Little Leaguers competing in state championship

A pair of Payson Little Leaguers will soon realize the dream of many young players -- to compete on a major-league diamond in front of thousands of admiring fans.

Star Valley closely monitoring area wells

Depth of water wells in Star Valley was the focus of Tuesday night's Town Hall meeting.

Illegal immigrants should consider protesting against their own government

I have received approximately 75 pats on the shoulder, one from a reader in Wisconsin, and one negative response to my Letter to the Editor on stopping illegal immigration and keeping it out of Payson.

PHS has new football coach

New coach's performance at introductory practices impressed principal, athletic director

Newly appointed Longhorn football coach Josh Anderson arrives in Payson buoyed by seasons of collegiate coaching experience.

Firebelles Brats and Bake sale a big success


The Firebelles Brats and Bake sale was a total success. According to Treasurer George Ahlmann, they were able to make a total of $576 on Saturday, and an additional $52 from the ice cream sales on Sunday at the homeowners meeting, for a total of $628.

What's up?

Q: Why aren't town water restrictions on a per-usage basis instead of the alternate days to water?

We made it through Memorial Day weekend without a major fire


We survived this Memorial Day Weekend without a major fire. Everyone is being careful.

At the other side of a busy and dusty weekend


Tonto Village managed to get through one of the busiest holidays of the year in spite of the fact that the fire department was called out on emergency medical calls for quad accidents.

Training offers fun and games for dogs and their people


We have a very celebrated dog writer in our midst. I wish I could say it was me, but, in fact, it is not.

Filling his daily quota of humor


Local artist Mike Rokoff said he sincerely believes that everyone needs something to laugh at on his or her wall -- besides a mirror.

The pioneers of Star Valley

Keeping family stories alive best way to save area's history

Sarah Luckie nee Pyle is a walking encyclopedia of Star Valley and its history and heritage.

The search for a country

Israeli struggles to find place to immigrate

Nofi Barak came to America not across a border or hidden in a van. She hopped on a plane in her homeland of Israel to start a new life in America. "Nobody I know wants to stay in Israel," she said. "The economy is horrible. You can barely make a living and it's a daily war zone."

Otis Henry Garnand

Otis Henry Garnand, 92, of Payson and Phoenix, died May 30, 2006. He was born on April 25, 1914 to Judson and Mabel Garnand in Spickard, Mo.

Larry E. Reddix

Larry E. Reddix, 69, of Pine, died May 30, 2006 in Pine. He was born June 26, 1936 in Decatur, Ill.

Low-cost microchips now available


The following adoptable pets have all been spayed or neutered to ensure they will not contribute to pet overpopulation.

New pastor wants to bring back those who left church

First Southern Baptist Church has a new pastor, Rick Hatch, at the pulpit.

Lyme disease symptoms come in many forms, difficult to diagnose

A small black legged tick bite can have long-term, serious effects on a person's health when the tick, or other insect, is carrying the spirochetal bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

Why won't anyone ask this one question?

Who would ask the question? The "drink the Kool-aid" Republicans wouldn't. The meek and mild Democrats wouldn't. The incompetent American media wouldn't. I don't even think the Pope asked "the question."

Coach Pirch's leadership will be missed

Several years ago one of my boys decided to take up the sport of wrestling at the high school level. Wrestling, I discovered, is an ugly sport that requires an individual athlete to perform well, under intense pressure, for the benefit of his team.

One of the reasons I moved away from Payson

The following commentary is written in responses to John "Opie" Oppertshauser's Letter to the Editor, published on May 23 in the Payson Roundup.

New council taking office early saved town from more damage

I feel confident that I know why the "anonymous person" chastised in your May 23 editorial called to the attention of the town attorney the code stating that the newly elected mayor and council members should be sworn in and seated at the first council meeting following the election.

Thank you for all the support

The election is over and the people's voice was heard. It was wonderful to have so many people vote. That is what an election is all about -- the voice of the people.

Appreciated Tom Garrett's column about what we left unsaid

I so appreciate the piece Tom Garrett wrote in Friday's Payson Roundup about the importance of what we didn't get around to saying.

Thank you for turning in my wallet

Recently, while getting ready for a walk at Green Valley Park, my wallet was kicked underneath my car by our pet.

Wave of illegal immigrants needs to be stopped

I am a 59-year-old American citizen, living in rural Arizona, and for a long time I have been increasingly aware that our national borders are literally under siege by an army of people from foreign countries.