100 Dancers, One Year Of Work Comes Together Saturday Night


On Saturday night, more than 100 young people will disobey gravity in a performance that will blend movement, sound, beauty, grace and energy.

Once a year, students from the Payson dance school, Dancin' on the Rim, take the stage for their annual public recital. This year's production, titled "5-6-7-8-Dance," will showcase performers ages 3 to 18.

Thirteen-year-old Taylor Tuer has been studying dance for 10 years. She will be part of a routine called "Let's Get Loud" featuring a dance move known as an aerial, a one-handed cartwheel.

It's a difficult move, and Jadyn Walden, 18, explained how learning difficult pieces takes dance beyond a visual performance.

"When you're up there, you do it for yourself and not for anyone else," Walden said. "It's all about confidence. You get real excited when you land a back flip or an aerial for the first time. It gives you confidence and self-assurance that you can do anything."

"Everyone at the (dance school) works hard for a reason," said Walden. "It all comes together Saturday night."

The stage comes to life at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Payson High School auditorium. Admission is $1. Call (928) 474-8634 for more information.

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