Illegal Immigrants Should Consider Protesting Against Their Own Government



I have received approximately 75 pats on the shoulder, one from a reader in Wisconsin, and one negative response to my Letter to the Editor on stopping illegal immigration and keeping it out of Payson.

One footnote I did not have room for in my last letter: Illegals across America who protest our citizen's right to stop illegal immigration, must be badly informed or poorly-educated as to their own government and leaders.

It is their own Mexican government and their President Fox that keeps Mexico in a deplorable, desperate society. Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals and illegals should be marching and protesting on the Mexican Government's doorstep, not ours.

It is not America's fault for the foul conditions that make Mexicans want to escape. It is their government's fault. I know Mexicans are not cowards, so I wonder why they don't fight and overthrow their government instead of inflicting their vast needs on us. I wonder why they feel they are entitled to share what we have worked so hard for instead of standing up to their own leaders.

I would think they would have a civil war again. America did, when citizens didn't like the government. Maybe it's because every city corner in Mexico has police on duty with machine guns. They are not there to keep away tourists. Could it be to keep their people from revolt?

Sadly, it must be easier to leech off us than to organize and fight for their rights. Shame on them and shame on our government that condones our being taken advantage of by another country.

Sue Dolan, Payson

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