Immigration Issue Really An Issue Of Greed



The idea, propagated by certain narrow and disreputable economic interests (and unfortunately believed by far, far too many credulous Americans), that there is a genuine need in our economy for low-wage illegal immigrants or for low-wage "guest workers" is a total and deliberately fabricated gross fantasy without any underlying foundation at all. It is the child of unrestrained greed, just as slavery once was, just as many of today's social problems are.

If a given job is structured so that it cannot pay enough to attract United States citizen workers to it, then it is that job itself that needs redesign, not the nature of the available labor force.

Appropriate new investments must be made. If a given employer cannot make the necessary investments, then he must step aside and make room for those who can. This is, after all, the way our economic system is supposed to work.

This is an absolutely fundamental distinction.

It lies at the heart of the controversy, even though it is seldom recognized or openly discussed.

The lack of recognition and discussion of this single most important factor -- job redesign with appropriate new investments -- is the reason why the matter so far has evaded an effective and just solution. The suggestion above confronts this problem head-on and if implemented, will produce a solution beneficial to almost all citizens of our nation. It is, granted, a little hard on those greedy employers who take everything and put nothing back.

Allen N. Wollscheidt, Payson

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