Low-Cost Microchips Now Available



The following adoptable pets have all been spayed or neutered to ensure they will not contribute to pet overpopulation.


The sweepstakes is over, the prizes are won. I bet the lucky winners are having some fun. But for me, I'm feeling blue. I'm not a mustang, just a yearning pup. Is there no loving home who'd like to ante up? I'm a pretty cute fellow, about five months old. My coat is black with some white on my paws. Kids love me and the feeling is mutual. Just come in to the shelter and ask for Gizmo.


Sweeter than honey! That's what I am. My personality matches my honey-colored, smooth coat that is very easy to care for. The sheen and rich glow of my coat attest to the fact that I'm in prime, healthy condition. I'm also the perfect weight for my frame. I like walking and exercising, and would be a great hiking companion. I'm a sweet lovergirl who wants to be liked by everyone I meet. Please come and see me at the shelter. If you already have dogs at your home, I would be happy to meet them before you take me home.


Hi, my name is Jack and I am a handsome 2-year-old neutered male pit bull. I am very loving and like to play. I'm housebroken and used to being an inside dog. I like to walk on a leash and I'm a good companion. I don't get along with all dogs, so it would be a good idea if I meet my new buddies before I go home with them to make sure we get along. I'm a strong fellow, but the volunteers at the shelter are working with me daily to improve my behavior. I will need my new owner to make sure to keep me socialized, as it is very important for my breed. Please come and visit me and find out how sweet I am. The shelter recommends my new owners attend additional training classes held by our training volunteers. There will be additional fees for training classes.


Jefferson is a beautiful 4-year-old black Labrador. He is a big, strong boy, but is gentle with children and good with other dogs. He's a polite car passenger and walks nicely on leash once he knows he is going for a walk outside the shelter. Allowed to roam loose is why this big guy is here, with no tag or microchip we have not been able to find his owners. He's now up for adoption and looking forward to finding a responsible, loving home.


I'm a beautiful long-haired 6-year-old neutered male yellow tabby. I'm so good-natured, the shelter has put me in with some of the ornery cats to help them understand it is so much easier to be nice and mellow than to be uptight and snippy. Once had a full set of teeth, but since my previous owners didn't provide proper dental care, I'm down to zero! But don't worry, it doesn't stop me from eating. The shelter has taken care of my dental problems and I'm quite healthy. Now I'm so ready just to be adored! I've waited so patiently for someone special to come and adopt me.

Other Humane Society news

Payson Humane Society now offers low-cost pet microchips. The process places your pet into a national 24-hour pet recovery service. The procedure takes just a few minutes to complete and is an excellent method of identifying your lost animal. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required in order to have your pet microchipped. Please call (928) 474-5251 or visit the shelter at 812 S. McLane Rd. for more information.

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