New Council Taking Office Early Saved Town From More Damage



I feel confident that I know why the "anonymous person" chastised in your May 23 editorial called to the attention of the town attorney the code stating that the newly elected mayor and council members should be sworn in and seated at the first council meeting following the election. It was to prevent the Brewer-Henley team from following through on their blatant attempt to make an "end run" to get Mr. Horton's Forest Edge subdivision rezoning request -- which had been denied at the last council meeting -- approved before the new council took office. Brewer was even planning to forego normal procedure to try to rush this matter through the council before the new mayor and council members could be seated.

I agree that this sudden change in plan is probably not fair to our new mayor and council members. But in some respects, it may be preferable in light of the fact that once again former mayor Brewer made it abundantly clear that she was more interested in what the developers want than in what the citizens of Payson want, and that her campaign promises to listen to the people were totally insincere (to put it mildly).

Your editorial states that "damage can be done" by rushing these new leaders into office, but I say more than enough damage has been done by the outgoing administration, and even more damage could have been done by allowing them to remain in place for two more weeks. I think we have less to fear from the awkwardness of our newly elected officials coping for a brief period prior to their training.

I can't tell you how thankful I am that we can look forward to a different style of government in our town, starting immediately.

Louise Jacobsen, Payson

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