One Of The Reasons I Moved Away From Payson



The following commentary is written in responses to John "Opie" Oppertshauser's Letter to the Editor, published on May 23 in the Payson Roundup.

I cannot quite understand why the illegal alien from Mexico is so misunderstood and hated in this part of Arizona. Illegal aliens fill a void created by the current laws that governing bodies have transformed through the years and until now have made a "wag the dog scenario" to mislead us from the real problem. They fill the void of current slavery and sweat labor within our own borders. Best of all, the Mexican illegal alien is doing what any person on the face of this planet would do and escape the NAFTA created pitfall that made their lives even worse.

Mr. Oppertshauser points out in his letter that Mexicans are mostly Catholic and breed according to church doctrine and that he will "keep his bores clean and powder dry." This transparent threat to intimidate through the use of violence is a throwback to the South circa 1960, with the sentiment aimed at that time toward blacks.

It would be my assessment that the 10,000 National Guardsman that President Bush is intending to place along the border would be better served to uphold current laws on the books and arrest the United States companies and private citizens who employ illegal aliens. If the migrant, or anyone for that matter, cannot find employment, he or she will return home.

Not that this scenario will ever happen. It does not possess that racist slant that stirs (unfortunately) emotions like those of Mr. Oppertshauser. Truth of the matter is that the political apparatus in this country needs the slave labor to gain the political money from those who mainly benefit from the slave labor.

As a hispanic who has legally worked here for many years, served in the armed forces of this country and surmounted many obstacles to live comfortably here, I find these types of opinions all too common in the Rim Country. I was driving home the other day in Tucson and happened to chance a black man, a white man and two hispanic females at a bus stop all laughing together. This is one of the reasons that I chose to leave the Payson area. Too many Oppertshausers to contend with, and it was something that I would rather have my children not have to deal with.

Juan C. Guerrero, Tucson (formerly of Payson)

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