Star Valley Closely Monitoring Area Wells


Depth of water wells in Star Valley was the focus of Tuesday night's Town Hall meeting.

Chris Benjamin, a member of the town's water coalition, put probes approximately 50-feet deep into nine wells around the town to monitor and judge the effect of drought conditions from April to the first week of May.

The nine monitoring wells surround the Haught/Randall well that Payson will pull from, and all are within a half-mile of that main well, which is located near the cellular tower.

Star Valley Mayor Chuck Heron said the process would enable the town to observe drought conditions over time.

The level of some of the wells barely fluctuated in the past month, because others in the area were being used more often. The first well Heron addressed Tuesday night was a well that dropped only one-fourth of a foot in the monitoring time frame.

Heron said Well 2 was a good well to monitor because it stays pretty stable and rarely fluctuates much from the 50-foot level.

Well 3, he said, dropped from 49 feet to 40 feet during pumping in the past month, and the mayor called that figure reasonable for a well in this area.

Well 4, located near the Star Valley Southern Baptist Church, dropped from nine feet to 7.9 feet in the monitoring time frame. Heron said this well is gradually going down, which is likely related to drought conditions.

Well 5, located near the Lamplighter, dropped the most, from 54 feet at the beginning of April to 25 feet.

"That is a well that is used heavily," he said, and added the recovery times for this well are fantastic.

Well 6, he said, is a typical domestic well, dropping from 48.5 feet to 42.4 feet. Well 7, according to the probe monitoring, dropped from 51 feet to 37 feet, and Heron called it a good domestic well that is one of the few in town that is controlled by a pressure tank. Well 8 dropped from 51 feet to 44 feet in the month and Well 9 decreased from 50 feet to 48.3 feet.

In another matter at the Town Hall meeting, members of the audience voted on the town's seal, logo and letterhead from 10 submitted choices.

Town Manager Lanny Sloan called the seal, logo and letterhead another small step in the development of incorporating Star Valley.

"As soon as (the council) decides, we can immediately put it on our letterhead," he said.

The choices will go to the council in a June meeting for approval.

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