Wave Of Illegal Immigrants Needs To Be Stopped



I am a 59-year-old American citizen, living in rural Arizona, and for a long time I have been increasingly aware that our national borders are literally under siege by an army of people from foreign countries. They are crossing by the tens of thousands every day and we believe that most are coming to work in our country to make a better life for themselves.

Of this we are sure, they are all, each and every one of them, violators of United States federal law, and usually violators of our state and local laws, and thus are rightfully referred to as "illegal immigrants."

We must all agree that solving the overall question of what should be done with the millions of these people already in our country is a very complex issue and will require a lot of thoughtful and diligent work, to arrive at an equitable solution. But the immediate overwhelming need to stop this huge flow of humanity across our borders is paramount.

So, please, please do what is necessary, whether it is building a wall, or putting in place tens of thousands of our military, coupled with all of the vast array of technical devices that are now available -- just don't wait any longer. This is as big a threat to our country as Iraq ever was. Those of us who are in this country legally, deserve no less than this from our elected officials, sworn to protect our citizenry, not the illegal noncitizens.

Larry J. Kontz, Payson

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