Collaboration Helped Preserve Water For Livestock



On behalf of the H-4 Ranch Allotment located just below Jakes Corner, we would like to thank the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Tonto Equip Program, Arizona Department of Agriculture Grant Program (LCCGP), United States Forest Service (USF) Tonto Basin District, Arizona Game & Fish Department (AZGFD), and Mogollon Sports Association (MSA). These people have made it possible to do many projects on our allotment to better the water source in this time of drought for the livestock and the wildlife. Without water, the animals cannot survive. Working together on a project where we all help each other and serve a purpose to help supply water for the animals that can't survive without the water will help all the resources. Without all the aforementioned, it would not have been a success.

Our two projects were to seal two tanks with bentonite -- the Mesa Tank and Cottonwood South Tank. We clean the tanks out and prepare for the bentonite sealant, and then we spread the sealant and cover it. This is a product that seals the soil and puts a liner in the pond so it will hold water and water can't seep out. Water will last longer and stay in the pond.

All of us at the H-4 Ranch Allotment, Jim and Connie Brown, Bill, Lori and Daylen Brown, Willie and Megan Brown, would like to especially thank our volunteers from the Game & Fish Department: John Dickson who helped organize the project, Craig McMullen and Jimmy Simmons. We would like to also thank the MSA members who participated in the project: Gary Barcom, Mike Dewees, Joe Parone, Steven Booth, Gary Allen and Keith Niver. Without the hard work, this could not have been completed. We would also like to thank MSA for the donation of the Bentonite to seal two tanks. A special thanks to all of you. We sincerely appreciate all you've done, and now we can pray for rain.

Bill Brown, Ranch Manager, Jakes Corner

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