Hiking Trails Littered With Human Waste



Over Memorial Day weekend, I took a hike with my dog up to the waterfalls past the first crossing on Houston Mesa Road. I was prepared for the droves of campers and knew that the day would not be as peaceful as I would have liked. However, I was not prepared for the trash and human excrement along the trail.

It is easy to become blind to these obscenities when you feel powerless to do anything about it, much like our "illegals" situation. However, my vision returned when I saw one dog eating the excrement and my dog rolling happily in it.

It is blasphemous to our beautiful environment where there is trash from unappreciative campers, but it is unsanitary when there is human excrement freely unloaded on a path and area where people go.

The ranger station has told me that they are not able to do anything about it under federal regulations because it is open space on federal land. Is it time for our citizens to start taking matters into their own hands?

Cara Summerfield, Payson

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