Payson's Idea Of Affordable Housing



Since my arrival to Payson in 1995, it has always been apparent to me that Payson's idea of affordable housing is living in a trailer on wheels.

So, after five years of trailer life, it became necessary for me to move to the Valley. This move lasted 18 months, long enough for me to realize that no matter where I live, I will always struggle to make ends meet. For I don't have a partner, somebody who contributes at least 50 percent to the expenses of my household. By choosing the single life, I understood that I will never qualify for a home, because it takes two incomes to afford a home, period. I returned to Payson, to my "1969 Airstream Land Yacht" and was determined to find work.

I applied for every accounting position I could find. I have over 20 plus years in the accounting field, and know my accounting skills exceed any required qualifications by many but was never considered for any available position.

Finally, I landed a job at a state-funded organization. I nearly fainted when I was offered $7 an hour to perform my services. The day I arrived to this job was the day this organization saved over $100,000 in accounting fees.

If an organization or business owner of Payson expects to get the services of an experienced accountant for $7 an hour, it frightens me to think of just how low must us professional citizens stoop to get a job here.

It should be more than obvious to all, that at this hourly rate, the only home I'm able to afford is a beat-up old trailer on wheels or maybe a tent under the bridge in Star Valley.

Katherine M. Bennett, Tonto Village

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