Thank You To All Who Helped With Payson Packers Reunion Party



This is in regard to the 25th reunion party we had on March 26 for the Payson Packers.

It was wonderful to see so many past and present hikers. Take, for instance, having the Elmores attend. They are among the first hikers, and it was good to see many of the latecomers, that I did not know.

I hope we can have more get-togethers and get to know each and every one.

I want to thank everyone who dedicated help in getting this party together, like those who helped make calls when we had to cancel the first date, due to the big snowstorm.

I thank the caterer who furnished our dinner, the gentleman who furnished our musical entertainment, those who helped set up the hall for us and, most of all, we thank St. Philip's for their lovely hall.

We had a very open place to entertain all of our hiking members. You were very important to this gathering. Without you, it would never be a party. Hope you had an enjoyable time, and you will come back for another reunion.

And, I do not want to forget to thank the newspaper for giving us a lot of space in The Rim Review. And, I also want to thank David Engleman for giving up a lot of his time to help with this project.

I hope we will get together every five years so we can all know each other.

Until the next time, "adieu."

Phyllis Dannelke, Payson

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