Time To Make Changes In The Arizona Legislature



Let's not be too harsh on our poor, pathetic and myopic Arizona legislators. Sure, they can't, or won't, adequately fund public education (we're ranked 49th in per pupil spending by the U.S. Census Bureau). They frequently are at odds with a progressive and popular governor, and they cast their votes like lemmings rushing to the sea, as to not be out of step with the philosophy of their party.

The real "culprits" in this legislative ineptness are not the legislators themselves, but a group much more sinister and out of touch with reality -- the United States. We continue to elect legislators who place party politics, and their own re-election aspirations, ahead of lawmaking for the good of the overall population in Arizona.

We are the "problem" every bit as much as our legislators. We can contribute money and vote for legislative candidates in November who are moderate in thinking and place the welfare of our state before their own ideas and ideologies.

Rather than "pity" our current crop of legislators, it would be a real "pity" in November if we, the voters, didn't elect to make wholesale changes in our Arizona Legislature.

Richard K. Meszar, Ed. D., Payson

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