What Is The Editor Really Suggesting?



Your view states that the tradition of allowing the old council to meet one more time should be followed rather than the town code. Your reasons make sense, however, any item that the new members feel they need to study more thoroughly could be tabled. Serious matters of rezoning and the Star Valley water affair do not have to be decided at break neck speed. Still, you are well informed and your opinion counts a lot to me.

In my view, the editor should clearly state that she is hoping that the old council's decisions would be more in line with the editor's personal agenda than the newly elected folks.

Lastly, would you suggest that the town code be disregarded for just this election or all future elections? And are there other sections of the code that in your opinion might sensibly be disregarded either permanently or from time to time?

Phon D Sutton, Payson

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