History Lost When People Keep Stories To Themselves



As the new Town Clerk of Star Valley and a descendant of a pioneer family, I recently did an interview with the new reporter for the Roundup, Mike Maresh.

I have had positive feedback from most everyone. He did a very good article.

But one statement I made was, "There is a lot of history in this town being lost" when I should have said, "A lot of my history in this town has and is being lost."

This statement was taken to heart by someone who does a very good job of researching and writing our family history as well as other Payson and Gila County pioneer family history and publishing it for all to read. In my interview, I was thinking about my personal history here.

For example, all of my baby pictures and most of my childhood pictures have been destroyed or lost to me, not by any fault except accidental mishaps. A little history was lost.

The books published about the pioneer women keep history alive also, but it only works if each woman or descendant writes the story, which I have not done yet. A little more of my history will be lost if I don't do it. If I want my story to be told I should submit it for publication or it will be lost.

People should keep a diary or journal. It can be a grandchild's most prized link to their past. So, yes, some, maybe not a lot of the town's history is being lost accidentally or by human nature not to tell their children the stories. But thank you, Jinx and Jayne, for writing the stories and keeping the past alive. You are doing a great service to Payson and the surrounding areas. Keep it up.

Sarah Luckie

aka Sarah Pyle-Luckie

Star Valley

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