Is One Group Affecting The Town's Retail Options?



The other day, I was in a local business shopping for a gift. I wanted to buy a set of shorty summer pajamas for my 22-year-old granddaughter.

I kept on looking around for something for a young woman -- something pretty and a happy color, but all I could find were matronly looking things made of heavy cotton with drab colors.

I asked a clerk if this was all they had in summer pajamas and she said "yes."

I asked why they did not have any bright, younger looking pajamas anymore, and why there was not a variety in the selection they had. I told her that I understand that she, nor the store, does the ordering. That, in fact, this is done at the store's headquarters back East and that stores are classified as to what merchandise is sent according to the area their store is in.

She said, the store had complaints from some of the elderly people in our town about the clothes the store was carrying. For whatever reason, they did not approve of them. She then told me that our store went from being classified as a rural area to a Mormon area, and that is why you are now seeing more conservative clothes in our store. Then, this clerk told me that if I didn't like the selection, I could go down to the Valley. Neither of those options I can afford.

What happened to freedom of choice? How can one group of people have so much influence in our town? Why should their opinion count any more than anyone else's? What makes this group of complainers think that everyone else should dress according to how they think and believe? This is not a Mormon community.

We have all kinds of people who live here and I think they also need to be considered in the local retail choice in changing the classification of our store. I don't understand why this store couldn't carry a variety of things that would accommodate all ages and beliefs. The complaining people are not the majority of this town, so why was this done? What is the next change? No liquor, no cigarettes, no coffee? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion and concerns.

Elizabeth Emrick


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