People Of A Certain Mindset Weakening, Dividing This Country



This letter is written is response to a letter by Mark Reza, the self-appointed hotshot who's always blowing his own horn, the know-it-all of know-it-alls.

He has told us in letters to the editor what he has done in the Democratic party, now he has told us he's been a police officer and an officer of the court, and in ‘69 served in the Army.

Now, he claims that if you get your news through Fox, you got nothing but lies and canned statements. If you were to get your news through CBS and someone like Dan Blabber Rather, or one of Reza's e-mail Web sites that would be his truth.

The truth is that Reza wouldn't know the truth if he was up to his neck in it. People like him have tried to weaken the Patriot Act. They've compromised the wire tap program and fought almost everything that provides our security.

They've done an excellent job in dividing us as a nation.

Instead of reading the Constitution, as Reza suggests, it may be better to do a study on when this war we are in started. It was ignored by one administration after another (a clue, start at 1979).

If I were bin Laden or Iran's governing branch of crud, I'd put people like Reza on the payroll. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a member of the ACLU, along with his other so-called achievements. With his use of the word "duh" in his letter, he should put that in the same place he has his head stuck.

Dean Knudsen


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