Perfect Father's Day Gifts For Fishermen


Father's Day is just around the corner. Have you considered what to get for Dad that he doesn't already have or would really like? If he is a fisherman, there are a number of unique gifts that range from a few dollars to the more pricey items.

The key is to get the gift that fits his interest.

A trout fisherman can always use a selection of mepps spinners that come in a small plastic kit for less than $10. They are effective in catching fish from our local Rim lakes and streams. Perhaps a new quality trout spinning rod, which can be purchased for around $40, or a Convergence Shimano, a custom-built Rogue or St. Croix is the answer.

A spinning reel is another possible gift. The best on the market for the price and warranty is made by Shimano. For our local trout waters, the 1500 Sedona or Stradic, are hard to beat. The prices on these models range from $40 to $80 and are ruggedly built for long-lasting performance.

Warm water fishermen who spend time on our desert impoundments are in pursuit of bass and crappies, and the baits they use are specific to the fish they want to catch. An inexpensive gift would be any of the soft baits used by bass fishermen that come in all shapes and colors for less that $5.

For the bass fisherman who has almost everything, there is that wide variety of quality crankbaits made by Luckycraft. They have distinct colors as well as unique action in the water that has really made them a hot bait in catching bass for a price of about $15 to $17.

For the high-end Father's Day gift, a crankbait rod made by Rogue, Shimano, or St. Croix would make any bass fishing dad happy. Again, the quality would determine the price of the rods, which are anywhere in the range of $50 to $200.

In shopping for that fishing dad, be specific on the price you can spend and then ask some simple questions on effectiveness and popularity of the product. Another safe alternative is a gift certificate where Dad makes the choice to fit his wants and needs for fishing.

If all else fails and time runs out, go with the old reliable gift of socks, a tie or boxer shorts, and your pursuit of buying Dad a gift has been accomplished. This weekend take someone fishing and enjoy God's creation.

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