‘Affordable Housing' Should Read ‘Sufficient Wages'



I do not see the mystery surrounding "affordable housing."

It simply is good, old supply and demand in action.

If the employers of Payson need employees here, then they are going to have to pay employees wages sufficient to enable those employees to live here or nearby.

With the large component of conservative Republicans in this community, I should think that no one should have to be telling them this in the newspaper. It is nothing but conservative dogma in action.

Of course, it's always worth a belly laugh to watch those same conservatives suddenly want to shift full-speed to the left when their conservative position stands poised to cost them, instead of making them, tons of money.

The term "affordable housing" is a red herring and should be dropped to be replaced by the term "sufficient wages and salaries." Think about this the next time you need a nurse, for example.

All of the gimmicks now being offered up as somehow a solution are just that -- gimmicks which cannot and will not work.

The problem will solve itself without Town or any other intervention.

Employers who can find a way to pay will stay. Employers who cannot find a way to pay will eventually leave, or find ways to do with fewer employees.

This last is an important alternative, but how can we ask capitalists to invest more capital to increase productivity?

Remember, no one has an inalienable right to make money.

As essential services shrink to untenably low levels, the housing market will cool.

Consequently, even some of the moneyed people will leave and demand will shrink, housing prices will go down until an equilibrium is established.

The economic mechanisms are right there, always in place, they work flawlessly and they need not be "helped" along.

Some employers will try to go the illegals route, but they need to be fined and unceremoniously popped into jail for a few months of quiet "meditation."

Allen N. Wollscheidt, Payson

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