Buy Dad A Book For Father's Day


Find a book for dad at the Library Friends of Payson bookstore, or just walk in and discover the great deals you've been missing on hardcovers and paperbacks.

Located to the right of the Payson Public Library main entrance, the store's shelves are full of paperback westerns and hardcover John Grisham novels. There are recent edition magazines for 25 cents. Paperbacks will set you back a quarter for regular-size novels and 50 cents for large.


All proceeds from books purchased at the Library Friends of Payson bookstore benefit the Payson Public Library's new book fund.

Puzzles and audio books can often be found stacked in a corner or lined up on the shelves of the store.

And hardcover books that usually cost more than $20 in a regular bookstore can be purchased for $3. For that price, you might find and take home a recent novel, a book on classic cars, a how-to book for the gardener or a variety of other titles.

"Just the other day a man came in and bought a 1963 version of the world atlas," said volunteer Jim Buettner. "He said he was a history buff and was interested in what countries had changed names and boundaries."

"I think it's a wonderful bookstore," said LFOP president, Donna Hopkins. "It gives people the opportunity to buy a good book at a reasonable price."

Hardcover books range from one dollar to three.

The most expensive book is $3, and gift certificates are available in just that amount.

All proceeds from books purchased at the Library Friends bookstore go to support the public library's new-book budget.

"Periodically I might go and ask them to sponsor a special project," said Library Director Terry Morris.

In May, the Library Friends helped sponsor the Cinco de Mayo open house for the library.

The Library Friends also raise money from book sales at their online store at

"It is amazing some of the books we get," Hopkins said. "And we are grateful to the people who donate them."

A donated copy of an 1852 publication of Aesop's fables sold for $100.

A four-volume set of Winston Churchill's writings went for $50.

The inventory is evaluated every month and new titles are added, while others are rotated out.

Among the 420 books currently for sale online is a 12-volume set of Great Books for Children, published in the late 1950s and bound in brown leatherette with bright gold/yellow/red on the spine, and priced at $100. The illustrated set includes, "Treasure Island," "Heidi," "Arabian Nights," "Andersen's Fairy Tales," "Tales from Shakespeare," "Robinson Crusoe," "King Arthur," "Black Beauty" and "Robin Hood."

In addition to the bookstore, where volunteers put in 240 hours a month operating at the very least, Library Friends of Payson publishes a monthly newsletter, provides books for people who cannot travel to the library and has a guest speaker at their monthly meeting, which is open to the public.

Meetings are the second Monday of each month at 10:30 a.m. in the library meeting room on the southwest corner of the building.

Book delivery is available to take books to the library's homebound cardholders. Call (928) 474-9260.

Dues to join the Library Friends of Payson are tax deductible and go directly into the general fund. Dues start at $15 per person, $25 per family.

-- To reach Carol La Valley call 474-5251 ext. 122 or e-mail

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