Many Books Detail History Of Payson And Pioneers



The recent article, "The Pioneers of Star Valley," was perplexing because of the statement, "No one kept track of the history for decades."

Several books and newspaper articles, dating back to the 1950s have been written documenting Payson's history. As a descendant of the Pyle family, I feel very fortunate to have been provided with so much information on our family history.

Thanks to Jinx and Jayne Pyle, Payson town historians, the Pyle family history is one the most complete in Rim Country. Jinx and Jayne have written about the Pyle family history, along with other pioneer families, in several books. "Mountain Cowboys," "Rodeo ‘101'," "Looking Through the Smoke," "Cooking For Zane Grey Under The Tonto Rim," and the "Daughters of the Pioneers" all contain detailed information about the early settlers of this area.

Not only is our family history preserved in books, it has been written about in songs and captured through photography.

Our great-grandmother, Sarah Corder Pyle, was a remarkable photographer and had her own darkroom for developing pictures. Thanks to her, the Pyle family has priceless pictures of ancestors and events, documenting the history of our family.

Sarah took most of the early pictures of Payson and the surrounding area, capturing the past for all to enjoy.

Grandad Floyd Pyle was a close friend of Zane Grey and, because of this association, dozens of photographs were provided to the family by Zane Grey's photographer.

The history of the pioneer families, Payson, and the surrounding area is definitely not being lost. Yes, there are many more stories that remain to be told but thanks to the efforts of Jinx and Jayne, the Historical Society and other community members, many facets of the local history and genealogy have been recorded.

Darlene Daniels, Payson

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