Star Valley Residents Choose Logo, Seal For Town


Star Valley has just taken another small step in putting its newly incorporated town on the map.

Residents of Star Valley have voted on a new logo, seal and letterhead, and the Town Council is expected to formally approve the three choices later this month.

Council member Mary Ann Kotelnicki, who is the chairwoman of the Logo and Seal Committee, said 10 residents from the community submitted designs to the town.

At a May 30 Star Valley Council town hall meeting, Kotelnicki placed the designs on a table and residents placed their votes.

The letterhead design the public chose has a star and mountains that meet to form a valley. Star Valley resident Mike Rokoff submitted the letterhead design.

The seal, designed by Bernadette Heath, included a picture of a deer, windmill, mountains and water.

Kotelnicki said the water symbolizes life and the windmill symbolizes that water must be pumped to sustain that life.

The picture of the deer at the top center of the seal represents the animals that are frequently seen inside the town limits.

She said the water coming out of the Indian artifact is also representative of the town.

"I think that symbolizes Star Valley quite nicely," she said.

Town manager Lanny Sloan said every town needs a seal to stamp documents that identifies what its community is about.

He said as soon as the council approves the choices, the town will immediately begin the process of developing and using the seal and logo as well as having the letterhead design installed on its stationery.

"Once the council decides, that's it," the town manager said. "We will get going on it. As soon as (the council) decides, we can start putting it on our letterhead."

Kotelnicki said since the residents were the ones voting on the choices, the council's vote on the items later this month will be little more than a formality.

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