Strawberry Patchers 10th Annual Quilt Show Winners


The Strawberry Patchers 10th Annual Quilt Show brought in nearly 1,400 people viewing and judging the 90 entries, following are the winners:

Machine Quilted Small

1. Grace Davey, "Hummer and Flowers"
2. Alyce Leach, "Log Cabin"
2. Susan McAdams, "Caribbean Dreamin'"
3. Marlene Bonney, "Definitely Diva"

Machine Quilted Large

1. Bobbie Smith, "Not Quite Olde World"
2. Louise Bossert, "Snuggly Moosely"
3. Nancy Houghten, "Block Play"

Hand Quilted

1. Kathy MacCleary, "200 Dimes And A Bag Of Scraps"
2. Jinny Kost, "My Blue And White Quilt"
3. Kathy MacCleary, "Trip To Gatlinburg"

Professionally Quilted Small

1. Bev Lawrence, "Celtic Flowers"
2. Bev Lawrence, "Color Me Purple"
3. Monika Hancock, "The Challenge"

Professionally Quilted Large

1. Diana Lloyd, "Sunbonnet Girls"
2. Kris Lovetro, "Valley Of The Sun"
2. Strawberry Patchers, "Sunbonnet Sue: Exploring the Mogollon Rim"
3. Caroline R. Johnson, "Stars and Vine"

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