Be More Respectful



It amazes me the extent to which some readers become enraged at the expression of ideas by others. It is as if these readers are frightened that the expression of dissenting ideas will somehow weaken their own belief systems.

They so often seem unable to defend their own beliefs without resorting to name calling and other manifestations of fear.

I suggest that these people, and, for that matter, all citizens, get their news from a variety of sources -- all the major networks, public radio and television, a variety of newspapers and news magazines. The richness of ideas and information available to all of us is one of the things distinguishing us from the more repressive governments on the planet.

I also suggest that these people maintain a more respectful attitude toward those who disagree with them.

Regarding the right of others to publicly disagree with their position, they would do well to remember the adage "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

Kate Moore, Payson

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