Celebrating Marriage, Faith And Commitment


When I was in high school I fell in love with the most beautiful young woman and we were married at age 19.

Shortly before our wedding day an older couple approached me, hand-in-hand, at church. The old man pulled me aside and explained that he and his wife had been married for more than 50 years. He asked if he might share a bit of advice -- something every young man should know. He said, "Remember, sometimes it's better to get along than to be right."


Richard Haddad

At the time I didn't understand what he meant. But his words stayed with me. After 25 years with my sweetheart, I can recall many times when his advice influenced my actions. It was all about pride and perspective.

As your community newspaper, we have many opportunities to meet with older couples celebrating their anniversaries. On page 3B you will find two anniversary announcements, one for 50 years, and one for 55 years.

I spoke to Elaine and Dalton Knauss who are celebrating 55 years of marriage today. I asked them to share their secret for lasting love.

"I think the fact that we put God first in our lives has made all the difference in the world," Elaine said. "It gives us a foundation to build on."

She explained how this foundation helped them to be more considerate, tolerant and patient with each other.

Of their faith, Dalton said, "It's the commonality of goals. The goal is to serve God and then, when you're both working toward the same goal, things stay in perspective. I came from a broken family. When we decided to get married I said, ‘This is for real -- this is for keeps.'

"There are two things I often say: first, ‘I go along to get along.' And second, ‘Don't try to understand me, just love me.'"

"We're both individuals and we may not always understand each other," Elaine said. "I know I don't always understand him -- and we don't always agree. But we need to remember nothing is a big thing -- we need to just let go."

Elaine and Dalton said they try to be an example to their children of what it takes to have commitment and unconditional love.

"All these things make for a very generous and giving spirit. And that's how we live," Elaine said. "God's been good to us, and we try to be good to other people in return."

Thank you, Elaine and Dalton, for your faithful examples. It seems we live in a world where marriage, faith and family values are constantly under attack.

I would like to personally invite our readers to send us their milestone anniversary announcements and photos so that we, as a community, can celebrate the success of marriages that endure.

-- Richard Haddad, Roundup publisher

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