Slow Down And Save Gas



Recently, I drove Highway 87 from the East Valley to Payson. I drove at the speed limit of 65 mph and noticed most cars were passing me.

I decided to count and found that for every car I passed, nine cars passed me. Most of the cars were going about 75 to 80.

I listen to lots of people whine about spending so much on gas, but almost no one does the simplest thing of all to cut down on this expense -- SLOW DOWN on the highways.

Slowing down from 75 to 65 reduces fuel consumption more than 15 percent.

I've heard several cockamamie ideas for getting the oil companies to reduce their prices like boycotting one company, not buying gas on one day of the week, etc.

None of them work, but I guarantee that if everyone drove the speed limit and gas consumption in the United States dropped 5 to 10 percent, gas prices would drop dramatically.

Oh yes, there is a bonus! No speeding tickets and no increased insurance rates.

Jim LeMay, Pine

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