Sounds, Smells Of Summer Mean Progress



There was all kinds of heavy equipment and Gila County Highway maintenance personnel in the village this past week.

As promised, work began on Monday to chip seal Johnson Boulevard.


Chip sealing of Johnson Boulevard in Tonto Village started Monday. The work is being done by the Gila County Road Maintenance Department.

The day was quite noisy with all the machines that they needed to use, but the results were well worth the effort. We now have a mostly level road with no more huge pot holes to negotiate around. Thank you to the workers for a job well done.

The chip sealing operation on the roads has a drawback that people need to be aware of when driving on Johnson Boulevard. The gravel is slippery and has not all adhered to the tar, consequently the tires cannot grip the road as well, especially if the vehicle is going too fast.

There was an accident on the Control Road Tuesday evening, and luckily, the people involved were not seriously injured, but they were lucky. The vehicle was going through a turn, hit the gravel and the driver lost control and flipped the truck. Reports on Wednesday morning were that the driver and passenger were not seriously hurt. It could have been a very serious accident. People need to slow down, remember the speed limit of 35 miles per hour, also be mindful of other drivers and their windshields. Drive slowly and carefully while the gravel is still in a loose stage.

Tonto Village Chapel

Vacation Bible School begins July 10 and continues through July 14. This year's theme is "Fiesta -- Kids getting fired up over Jesus." Kids from age three to sixth grade are eligible to participate. The hours are 9 a.m. to noon. Teen volunteers are needed, as well as teachers for classes. Games and food will be available. Donations for cupcakes or cookies, or any type of food that kids would like, will be appreciated. Please contact Rita Spalink at (928) 478-4282 for more information.

The congregation of the Tonto Village Chapel has had a problem with vandalism since the Memorial Day Weekend. The chapel has been sprayed by paint balls two times. This is a shameful thing to do to a house of worship. There should not be anyone hanging around the chapel and defacing it. The residents of the village are asked to be on the look out for anyone using a paintball in the vicinity of the chapel. Call the sheriff's department at (928) 474-2208 with a description of the people who are committing the vandalism.

Pastor Charles Wilcox has called for a congregational meeting at the chapel on June 25 after church services. There will be a potluck luncheon after the meeting. The chapel has become such a vital part of our little community that we all need to be involved in its activities. Please attend this important meeting.


Grant and Marie Cooley of Tonto Village II will celebrate their wedding anniversary on June 18. Grant and Marie have vacationed in Tonto Village for many years, and have decided to make Tonto Village their permanent home. They remodeled their vacation home to be more suitable as permanent living quarters, and they have done a wonderful job in the renovation. Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple.

Pool results

The nine-ball tournament between the women of the Double D Christopher Creek Tuesday evening was interrupted by the rollover accident and was never completed, but the eight-ball tournament on Sunday afternoon went on as scheduled. Joe Ferriero, Betty Koutz and Ethel Cain were the top winners. Congratulations to the winners.

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