Travelers Can Keep Homes Safe


Sheriff John R. Armer would like to offer the citizens of Gila County the following information to assist with a safe and happy summer vacation.

Preparing for a family vacation takes a lot of planning.

Along with planning your vacation itinerary, you should plan for the safety of your home and property to decrease the chances of a crime occurring in your absence. The following are some helpful hints that the Gila County Sheriff's Office hopes will make your vacation less stressful:

Before you leave:

  • Keep your shades, blinds and curtains in their normal positions.
  • Put your mail and newspapers on vacation hold.
  • Place timers on several lights. The timers should be programmed to turn on and off at times that will give the appearance that someone is at home.
  • Make sure all door and window locks are in working order and be sure to use them. Activate your home alarm if you have one.

Packing for Prevention:

  • Take only essential credit cards. Plan to use credit cards or traveler's checks instead of cash whenever possible.
  • Carry your purse close to your body, or your wallet in your front pants pocket.
  • Pack as lightly as possible. Lots of heavy, cumbersome bags will slow you down and make you more vulnerable to being robbed.

On Arrival:

  • Don't display items that might draw attention. Keep a low profile.
  • Check maps before you go out. Be familiar with the area so you may tour confidently.
  • It is always best to travel on well-lighted and well-traveled paths at all times, avoid shortcuts.

The GCSO hopes that your vacation is fun and safe.

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