What's Up?


Q: When the Forest Service grades Cracker Jack Mine Road, leaving the branches to the left and right of the road, aren't the branches a fire hazard?

A: "If they cut some limbs when they are doing road grading along, for instance, Crackerjack Road, generally if it is an incidental amount they will lop and scatter it next to the road," said Walt Thole, Forest Service district recreation officer. "If there is a lot, we will pile it, then come back and burn it. In some cases we could even chip it, depending upon how much, where it is located and fire hazard conditions."

Q: What has happened to the colored fountains at GVP? I haven't seen them on for several months.

A: "The fountains belong to the water department," said parks and recreation director Bill Schwind. The fountains' purpose is to aerate (put oxygen into) the water. The colored light were for aesthetic value. Repairs to the lights have been attempted, but their life is limited.

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