Attack Not Based On Facts



Regarding the letter from Ms. Emrick in the Friday, June 9 edition of the Payson Roundup, she states she was unable to find an article of clothing in a local business. She asked a clerk why this was no longer available.

Emrick then states the clerk said there had been complaints by "some of the elderly people in our town about the clothes the store was carrying." The clerk then told Ms. Emrick that "our store went from being classified a rural area to a Mormon area."

I am sorry Ms. Emrick was frustrated in her attempt to purchase her gift, but why blame Mormons?

Elderly people were the ones mentioned as making complaints. Why weren't they pounced on and accused of influencing the town and quashing her freedom of choice?

The clerk also stated that the content of the store is decided by buyers and by the purchase history of the merchandise.

I am not a citizen of Payson, but my husband works there and shops there all the time.

I would also like to say, as a Mormon, that one of the main tenets of our faith is individual freedom of choice.

Therefore, I suggest that before accusations are made against any group, those facts should be checked with the proper people in charge of the "offending" organization.

Lorrie Buller, Forest Lakes

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