Roundup Should Choose Letters Carefully



Upon reading the Editor's Note in the MailCall section wherein you state "... it is our policy not to run letters that attack a private individual or business" and then find, immediately to the right of said statement, a vitriolic letter attacking an individual, I find myself more than a little puzzled.

I would very much like to see the Payson Roundup be the forum for the exchange of ideas that it potentially can be, but such letters which attack persons rather than discuss the issues do nothing to contribute to the civilized dialogue that is so needed in our country.

The "it's my way or the highway" attitude that seems to prevail will not help us solve the serious problems that confront us. We desperately need the ability to thoughtfully propose and discuss solutions for the issues of our times in a respectful manner, agreeing to disagree when necessary.

I would respectfully suggest that the Roundup, when selecting letters to be published, consider whether a letter will contribute to a constructive dialogue or merely pander to the name-calling and bashing that is so popular nowadays. I believe that true journalism should answer to the higher calling.

Marilyn Decker, Payson

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