I Can See The Smoke As I Write This Column



As I write this column on Wednesday morning, a tanker truck has flipped over on Highway 260 at milepost 269 near Kohl's Ranch, setting the forest on fire. All fire departments in the area are responding to the emergency situation. The Tonto Village Fire Department is on standby.

I can see the smoke from the fire from my house. It is truly scary.

Thankfully, I have a scanner and I can listen to the various fire departments getting into position to control the fire. From what little information I can get, the tanker is burning the fuel off and the firefighters are containing the fire. A potentially dangerous situation has been averted, thanks to the swift efforts of the Forest Service and the local fire departments being right on top of the potentially dangerous fire. Thank you to all firemen involved for a job well done.

Volunteers needed

With the possibility of the Tonto Forest shutting down until the rainy season, the Tonto Village Fire Department and its auxiliary are asking for people to man a control station at the juncture of Highway 260 and the Control Road. The duties would include collecting names of people who live in the area and issuing resident stickers to be displayed on the windshields. As of now, we are just compiling a list of names.

Hopefully, a station will not have to be started, and the rainy season will alleviate the fire danger. Please call the fire station at (928) 478-4875 and leave your name with the secretary, Michele, or call the Auxiliary president, Linda Stailey, at (928) 478-4641.

A list will be made up of times and days, and you will be notified when to man the station.

911 street numbers

Bill Tonstad, fire board chairman, told a group of residents at the last board meeting that the residents need to take down their old lot numbers. The new 911 numbers that were issued a number of months ago are the street addresses that are being used for emergency vehicles and ground postal services. Leaving the old lot numbers up on your property could delay emergency vehicles and packages.

Neighbor is leaving

Lorraine "Bo" Mathews and her husband Doug are leaving Tonto Village for Las Vegas, Nev. Doug has been transferred there for three years and has been commuting on weekends for a number of months. "Bo" has been a regular pool player with the Double D gals, a board member on the Tonto Village Fire Board and a secretary for the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department. Bo and Doug, you will be missed.

New Secretary

Because "Bo" is leaving the area, a new secretary has been hired at the Christopher/Kohl's fire station. She is from Tonto Village I. Her name is Margaret Stasny, and she has lived in the village for about a year. Congratulations on your new job, Margaret.


There is only one birthday to celebrate next week. Danny Cain, co-owner of the Double D Restaurant and Saloon, will add another candle to his birthday cake on June 26. Happy birthday to you, Danny.

Pool results

Cliff is back in his finest form. Cliff won the top spot in the eight-ball tournament held this past Sunday at the Double D. Harvey Poyner and Darren Hopely played for second and third places.

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