Pine Area Evacuation Alarm Fully Restored


Lightning from spring storms disabled two of the Pine Strawberry Fire Department's five-unit alarm systems about four months ago.

Repairs by Kortman Electric of Phoenix could not be arranged until recently, said Fire Chief Bill Decker. The company is the only one licensed in the state to do the repairs the system needed, he said.

"As of today (Wednesday), the system is fully operational," Decker said.

The department did silent testing on the system throughout Wednesday and planned an audible test for noon, Saturday, June 24.

During the time the two units were out of service, the fire department still had one alarm in the Strawberry area and two in Pine, Decker said.

"It's a high maintenance system," Decker said. "But when they used the same system to evacuate Oak Creek Canyon Tuesday, it pointed out its importance."

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