Pine Put On Stage 4 Water Conservation Measures


Earlier this week, the Pine Water Company, owned by Brooke Utilities, required customers to institute severe conservation measures.

Initially, the company put customers at Stage 3. By mid-week, the situation required escalating to Stage 4.

A ruling from the Arizona Corporation Commission requires that the company institute the measures when demand exceeds production.

The ACC allows the company to curtail its water service as needed.

At Stage 4, the company's water storage level is less than 65 percent, but at least 55 percent of total storage capacity for 24 consecutive hours, with supply at only 65 percent of the daily average demand.

The following is prohibited during Stage 4: Irrigation of outdoor lawns, trees, shrubs or any plant life; washing of any vehicle; use of water for dust control or outdoor cleaning; use of drip or misting systems; filling any pool, spa, fountain or ornamental pool.

Fines will be levied if a customer fails to comply within two business days of notice by the company. A first offense is $500; a second is $750; a third and any thereafter is $1,000.

"A heavy example of weekend traffic will push us into a Stage 4, and by Monday and Tuesday we can start to gain on production, putting us back to a Stage 2 by Friday," said Myndi Brogdon, spokesperson for PWC.

Conservation measures have also been instituted for two of Brooke Utilities other water companies, Brogdon said. Whispering Pines is at Stage 3 and Mesa del Caballo is at Stage 2.

Stage 3 in Whispering Pines results in prohibitions similar to those for the Pine Water Company at Stage 4. The Stage 2 conservation measures are a voluntary reduction of use by 10 percent and outdoor use of water on alternating days.

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