Seniors Need More Information About Medicare Plan D



Mr. Jim Pederson came to town with some very informative information for the seniors of Payson. I was hoping that the newspaper could have explained some of his plan on the Medicare Plan D. The seniors should know that the so-call Doughnut Hole comes up on you very fast.

The initial coverage period prior to the gap means total drug cost: What your plan had contributed as well as what you have paid. This has not been clear in the information that has been out there.

It is very important that your doctor find the least expensive drug for you. My advice to anyone who is on this is you should think twice when voting for your congressional representatives. The ones who voted for this are not around to explain the mess they put us in. We need a change in Washington.

Our doctors have enough to do without having to look up every medication he or she prescribes.

Sydney Whitely, Payson

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