Thank You For Article On Lyme Disease



Thank you for your work in putting out the article about Lyme disease and how it has affected Katherine and myself. I appreciate that this was not an easy project and you handled it with great care and made our struggle with this illness a very personal look at this disease.

I am hoping that people will consider their symptoms and get tested for Lyme disease, which could better their quality of life.

Recently, a woman in Tucson who I knew through e-mail alone, whose HMO absolutely refused treatment for Lyme, just died in her middle fifties from chronic Lyme disease.

It does not kill like cancer, but allows people to struggle before the spirochetes take everything. I am grateful that I can get treatment and have been able to have a better quality of life even though it's a daily expensive struggle.

Thank you again to your attention to detail on this article.

Ann Prow, Payson

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