Thanks To Those Who Made 2006 Grad Night Party Successful



I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eileen Daniels and Chris Schwind for their hard work in making the Payson High School Grad Night 2006 a great success.

Thank you to all of the volunteers and businesses that contributed their time and money to this effort to ensure a safe night for all of our grads. Thanks also to the Tonto Apache Tribe for providing the recreation center to host this party.

I would also like to thank our 2006 graduates and their parents. During the graduation party, I worked a shift that included covering the door for the students and guests who were leaving. Each student was required to sign out and their permission slip for attendance and leaving the party had to be verified. Many of the permission slips required contact with the parents, most around 2 a.m., and never was I met with a cross parent, or student, in order to accomplish this. Everyone was very pleasant and respectful.

The behavior of the students and guests who attended the grad party is something all of Payson can be proud of. These children are our future. Their choice to attend this party, that offered fun and a wonderful night of prizes and games, was a choice that we all should praise them for, and hopefully next year's graduates will also be able to enjoy a safe grad night party, thanks to the example set by the 2006 class.

Parents, please remember that the success of these events for our students is dependent upon the participation of parents and the community. Please plan to volunteer next year so that we can all assure that the grad party can be an ongoing tradition for Payson High School.

Again, thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the 2006 graduation party.

Lori O'Haver, Payson

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