Window Displays Draw Customers To Nonprofit Thrift Store


Time Out Thrift store volunteers learned long ago that items sell better if they are displayed well.

The creative window displays that came out of that realization have become something of a Time Out Thrift Store trademark.


Time Out Thrift Store assistant manager Kathy Clinebell is the woman responsible for the eye-catching window displays at the Time Out Thrift Store. This month's summer colors feature purple, red, yellow and green clothes with matching accessories.

Most of the displays are the handiwork of assistant manager Kathy Clinebell.

"Kathy is so artistic," Oliver said. "She does wonderful window displays for us."

"My ideas for the windows just kind of come to me," Clinebell said. "I look for something colorful and dazzling as a good way to draw people into the store."

Volunteer AnnMaree Thompson helped Clinebell for two days with the current season's display.

Displays can be a challenge to keep up, as items can be bought out of the window.

Any purchase from the Time Out Thrift Store generates money for the nonprofit Time Out Shelter for battered women.

In 2005, the store raised $118,000 for the shelter.

"The money is important because it allows us to provide, at no charge, food, shelter and clothes for battered women entering the emergency shelter," said Jean Oliver, Time Out's education coordinator. "It also provides educational groups for residents and presentations in the community."

Donations may help a woman and her family put dishes in the cupboard and a sofa in the living room as they move from the shelter to the transitional housing program.

For shoppers, it is a place to discover finds like a set of eight tiki mugs or a bridal gown.

"We just bought a nice anniversary gift -- a new pillow that said ‘Best of Friends' for $5," shopper Ray O'Claire said. "The couple we gave it to thought it was great."

Melody Fisher said she shops at Time Out in search of craft supplies people had good intentions of using but did not.

As the activities director at Kohl's Ranch Lodge she is always on the look out for baskets, beads and things she can use for children and family activities.

"Everything we get and sell, minus administrative costs, goes to the shelter," said Marsha Moye, the thrift store's paid manager.

If someone wants items to go specifically to the shelter, that request is honored.

There is a list at the store for items the shelter needs, so when/if the item comes in it can be delivered promptly.

"When individual women and children need clothing, they are issued a voucher and the women come to the Time Out Thrift Store and literally shop for the sizes they need," Moye said.

"The community has been so supportive," Oliver said. "We really appreciate the donations and the volunteers.

The store opened its doors in February 1998 and has been growing ever since.

Each week approximately 300 volunteer hours are needed to operate the store, which is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The store can always use volunteers, especially cashiers and more sorters.

To help out, stop by the store, located at 200 S. Beeline Hwy., and ask for Moye or Clinebell.

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