Football Coach Receiving Preferential Treatment



The hiring of the new football coach at Payson High School is the latest blow to the ethics of the school system here in Payson. Julia Randall Elementary School is still in shock about what happened to their principal in April.

The school board appears to be ever-powerful and they have their own private agenda. You won't hear these facts from the teachers in town. They fear for their jobs.

So here are some well-kept secrets that need serious investigation. I have some questions that were not addressed in the Payson Roundup article about coach Anderson.

Are you aware that the new high school football coach was given $5,000 for moving costs?

This has never happened to a teacher here in Payson. Are you aware that Coach Josh Anderson was given a higher entry level of pay than the school board has ever allowed?

Are you aware that there are six teacher vacancies to fill?

They have only filled two for these important positions and school starts in seven weeks. This coach is getting more than preferential treatment.

It sure shows what the priorities are for the school board.

We are the taxpayers and we are paying the school board to bring in an expensive football coach. Meanwhile, Payson teachers are not getting paid what they deserve. We are not giving any incentive for qualified educators to move up here to Payson -- unless, of course, you are into sports. What is wrong with this picture?

This is yet another blatant disregard for our educational needs and for my tax money. I'd appreciate some answers.

Kathleen Kelly, Payson

Editor's note: The Payson Unified School District has been given leniency from the school board to negotiate with candidates for critical positions in light of recently losing qualified teachers to more competitive school districts.

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